10 Netflix movies everyone seems to love or despise

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However, not every Netflix Original was an immediate success. Some of these blockbuster films have divided fans and critics. They are either loved or hated with rarely a verdict in between, no matter how many awards they have won.

ten Fans can’t decide if Bright deserves the spotlight

For some fans, 2017 Brilliant is an imaginative and entertaining mix of fantasy tropes and hard-hitting crime drama. For others, David Ayer’s film is too brutal an exploration of racism and police corruption. Whichever side of the fence viewers sit on, there’s no escaping the fact that Brilliant is one of the most streamed movies on Netflix.

Despite its flaws, an undeniable strong point of Brilliant is the fantastic chemistry between the two protagonists of the film, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Whether that’s enough to save the whole movie is up for debate.

9 The Unforgivable is another divisive film from Netflix’s Sandra Bullock

The Unforgivable - Ruth and her PO

Sandra Bullock has certainly established herself as a Netflix golden girl. His name has apparently given several movies a big boost for viewers on the platform, and the unforgivable is another example of a Netflix Original benefiting from its presence.

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Supported by fan favorites Jon Bernthal and Vincent D’Onofrio, Bullock delivers another gripping showing in this drama. Many appreciated his commitment to the role and the film as a result. Others found the story unnecessarily depressing and too slow.

8 The Christmas Chronicles is either a Christmas classic or a shoddy Santa Claus movie

The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is a wonderfully inspired piece of casting. The Christmas Chronicles works very well as a result, with Russell delivering a highly charismatic version of the big red guy without sacrificing the warmth of mirth moviegoers expect from their Santas.

As brilliant as Russell was, his performance wasn’t enough to carry the film’s lackluster storyline or improve the performances of some of the other cast members. Whether it’s a heartwarming vacation hit or a depressing dud, The Christmas Chronicles received enough praise to receive a sequel in 2020.

7 Regardless of its overall quality, definitely don’t look for people talking

Jonah Hill's Jason is left behind in Don't Look Up, à la Home Alone

Although Adam McKay’s star-studded black comedy received nominations, Don’t look up has its detractors. The film managed to break viewership records on Netflix and for many it delivered important messages with its gripping story.

Others felt that the film’s messages about climate change were thrust upon the viewer with too heavy a hand, and much of the satire was aimed at soft targets. Whether Don’t look up is awesome or terrible, there’s no denying people talk, and that can’t be a bad thing in Netflix’s eyes.

6 The harder they fall, the sleeker for some, slower for others

Cherokee Bill and the Rufus Buck Gang from They Harder They Fall

With Idris Elba in an outlaw’s cowboy hat with support from Zazie Beets and Regina King, it’s easy to see why many fans doubled down The more they fall as one of the best releases of 2021. Sleek, stylish and incredibly creative, this Netflix Original Western has already won numerous awards.

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The other side of the coin where The more they fall is concerned is about a movie that tries too hard to be cool. It mirrors the likes of Quentin Tarantino Django and subsequently fails to offer anything but a cheap scam.

5 Army Of The Dead is a film from the master of divisive films, Zack Snyder

Army of the dead Vanderohe and Dieter

Depending on who you ask, Zack Snyder army of the dead is either a thrilling mix of zombies and heists or one of the worst zombie movies of recent times. Snyder is certainly a divisive figure when it comes to his writing and directing, but after his incredibly well-received remake of dawn of the deadscare fans expected more from this Netflix horror.

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While army of the dead boasts a stellar cast including Dave Bautista and Garrett Dillahunt, it arguably does very little with the talent at its disposal.

4 The Last Mercenary Can Only Be Fun For JCVD ​​Fans

The divide between viewers’ verdicts on The Last Mercenary probably comes down to their affiliations to the film’s main man, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Les Muscles de Bruxelles has a fiercely devoted following, and he inspires the kind of adoration that can often overlook the overall quality of his films.

Van Damme has always done an admirable job of self-deprecating humor, and The Last Mercenary is filled with it alongside the expected martial arts madness. The former kickboxer isn’t to everyone’s taste, and that’s why the jury is still out on whether The Last Mercenary definitely worth watching.

3 The Highwaymen probably trusts its stars too much


Like many Netflix originals, 2019 highway robbers received mixed reviews from critics. Audience reception was similar, with some viewers praising the performances of its stars Woody Harrelson, Kevin Costner and Kathy Bates.

Others found the story lacking and yearned for more investment. Texas Rangers hunt for Bonnie and Clyde looked like a surefire hit when highway robbers was announced, but development hell apparently took its toll on the picture. highway robbers is far from Netflix’s biggest movie, but there’s a lot to love about this period piece.

2 For better or worse, 6 Underground is exactly what you’d expect from a Michael Bay movie.


Fans can tell that outrageous set pieces, outlandish explosions, and quotable one-liners are all part of the package when it comes to a Michael Bay movie. 6 Underground is no different, and many Netflix subscribers enjoyed the action flick starring Ryan Reynolds.

Others have pointed out what seems to be a common flaw in Bay’s films – too many minutes and too little plot. If nothing else, the director’s movies are always ambitious, and it’s hard to hate him for consistently delivering the kind of big-budget popcorn cinema his fans love.

1 Bird Box may be the most famous (or most infamous) Netflix movie

Perhaps the most controversial Netflix Original ever produced by the streaming giant, bird box was a phenomenal hit when it was released in December 2018. The post-apocalyptic thriller became the most-watched movie on the platform within 28 days of its release.

Even though its interesting premise largely fell short of expectations thanks to poorly written characters and over-the-top performances from a few of its stars, bird box still managed to deliver excellent thrills and a genuine sense of dread.

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