10 Netflix movies that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike

Netflix’s vast collection of movies is divided into a variety of genres, from action to drama and everything in between. The streaming giant’s library includes both original and acquired content, but most are better suited to older viewers. However, Netflix has quite a few movies that work just as well for kids.

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Writing stories for everyone may seem easy, but it takes considerable effort to balance audience expectations. Interestingly, many films aimed at a specific age category are loved by both adults and children.

ten The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) remains a fun watch for the whole family

When their family moves, the Grace children are thrust into a previously unknown world of wonder. However, everyone believes the mischievous Jared is responsible until they discover the secret power contained in Arthur Spiderwick’s magic book.

The Spiderwick Chronicles was well received by critics, many of whom appreciated the film’s “heart and imagination”. Although a few reviewers have complained about the overdone visuals in The Spiderwick Chroniclesit remains a playful watch for the whole family.

9 Enola Holmes (2020) focuses entirely on the women of the Holmes household

Millie Bobby Brown abandons the typical character of Eleven in stranger things and directed the character of Enola Holmes in the titular film. Enola Holmes is arguably one of the most charming extensions of Arthur Conan Doyle’s universe, partly because it focuses entirely on the women of House Holmes.

Sherlock and Mycroft are present, but they are sidelined by their younger sister’s zeal to prove herself equal to them. Enola Holmes became a shining jewel in Netflix’s crown after its release, especially in terms of audience participation.

8 Spy Kids (2001) is an exciting experience, perhaps because it’s nothing like other spy movies

spy on kids is a delightful twist on the spy genre, focusing on Carmen and Juni rather than their former spy parents. In fact, legendary actors like Antonio Banderas, Danny Trejo, and Tony Shalhoub are downplayed in favor of Daryl Sabara and Alexa Vega.

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spy on kids is nothing like james bond, but that’s exactly what makes it such an exciting experience. Critic Roger Ebert praised the film, calling it “smart, upbeat, joyful”, words that define spy on kids in more ways than one.

seven The Sleepover (2020) combines sleepover with high-flying action

The pajama party mixes the concept of a slumber party with spectacular action. The central characters, who are all children, have a pajama adventure where they encounter threats bigger than they can handle.

And yet, they perform daring feats far beyond their years, earning the respect of their parents and the public. The pajama partyThe critical scores aren’t all that impressive, but that doesn’t make the film any less engaging and relatable.

6 Stuart Little (1999) wrung his way into the hearts of audiences with grace and warmth

Stuart Little snuck his way into the hearts of his adoptive family with his adorable shenanigans, leaving viewers mesmerized by the film adaptation of EB White’s classic 1954 novel.

The film’s critical reception was technically below par, but that didn’t stop it from pushing toy story 2 (1999) in second place on its first weekend. Stuart Little is a charming and humorous film for children and adults alike – with critics calling it “an almost flawless family film”.

5 Jumanji (1995) lets its young characters shine as bright as its main star

Jumanji was a huge box office triumph, earning over $260 million against a relatively modest budget of $65 million. Robin Williams is clearly the star of the film, but the characters of Judy and Peter Shepherd bring a whole new dimension to the surreal story.

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Jumanjithe success of spawned a spin-off, Zathura (2002), as well as an ongoing franchise with Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black. That said, the latest movies are more suitable for older viewers.

4 The BFG (2016) borrows as much from the vision of Steven Spielberg as from the ingenuity of Roald Dahl

by Steven Spielberg The BFG maybe not as impactful as Schindler’s list (1993), or as terrifying as Jaws (1975), but Roald Dahl’s adaptation has its own merits. Although it failed to make up for it at the box office, the BFG received critical acclaim for its family adventure.

Many Dahl stories, such as Matilda, Charlie and the chocolate factoryand James and the giant peach etched themselves into the popular consciousness. The BFG is no exception.

3 ParaNorman (2012) is compelling, unique, and the first mainstream children’s film with an openly queer character

Stop-motion animation is not without flaws, but ParanormandThe unique take on the intersection between comedy and horror is nothing less than a tribute to the medium. Packed with a sparkling voice cast – Anna Kendrick, John Goodman, Elaine Stritch and Casey Affleck – ParaNorman is a solid film with striking visuals.

An important aspect of Paranormand is the inclusion of an openly gay character, Mitch, whose presence brings queer experiences to the forefront, a first for a mainstream children’s animated film.

2 Hugo (2011) is destined to enchant all viewers, regardless of age

Martin Scorsese is known for his character-driven stories like Taxi driver (1976) and the wolf of Wall Street (2013), films clearly incompatible with young audiences. At the other end of the spectrum is Hugoa multi-Oscar-winning film starring Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz.

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Unanimously acclaimed reviews Hugo for incorporating “an innocence that many modern children’s films lack”. HugoThe dreamlike universe of will not fail to enchant all spectators, young or old.

1 Klaus is a unique perspective on the concept of Santa Claus (2019)

There are countless children’s films that revolve around Santa Claus, Santa (1994) at Jingle All the Way (1996). Although based on the same idea, Klaus portrays a rather different perspective of Santa Claus.

This animated film was nominated for an Oscar, an extraordinary achievement for Netflix despite Klaus lose the Oscar toy story 4 (2014). Additionally, critics recognized that Klaus had the potential to be remembered as a modern holiday classic.

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