10 new Netflix movies and shows to watch this week (March 14)

Happy Monday everyone! I’m thrilled to let you know that Netflix has decided to release a trillion more things to watch this week. As we do weekly, we’re sharing all new Netflix movies and shows starting the week of March 14, 2022.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the way Netflix can not only deliver so much content every week is insane, but the fact that they can deliver something for everyone every week is truly amazing. They are the best of the best for a reason.

The only thing that caught my interest is Bad vegan: family, fraud, fugitives. When we see all the new fads hitting the world, we know someone has taken advantage of the system at some point. From the world of yoga to churches to weight loss programs, a documentary is bound to arrive at some point. The doc comes from the producer of tiger king and director of Fyre: The Biggest Party That Ever Happened, a four-part documentary about vegan queen Sarma Melngailis who turned into a fugitive. The story looks WILD and I can’t wait to watch it.

Also coming out this week is a Catherine Cohen stand-up special, season 2 of Animalan immersive series that follows the world’s most magnificent creatures and another fun cooking showIs it cake?which is a baking contest based on a popular meme.

A Vegan Queen on the Run, a Stand-Up Special and Jesse Plemons Returns to Netflix, all dropping this week.

New Netflix movies and shows to watch this week

  • Catherine Cohen: The Twist…? She is magnificent, March 15
  • The Zenko Go team, March 15
  • Bad vegan: fame, fraud, fugitives, March 16
  • Saved by Ruby, the 17th of March
  • Animals: Season 2, March 18
  • Eternally confused and hungry for love, March 18
  • Human ressources, March 18
  • It’s a piece of cake ?, March 18
  • Top Boy: Season 2, March 18
  • Bargain, March 18

According to our suggestions, what are you going to watch? Are you excited about Windfall? Where will you watch the series Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, Fugitives? Let us know, and hopefully next week brings us more additions to Netflix.

Alfonso E. Cramer