10+ Sexually Explicit Netflix Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Netflix is ​​known for its incredible variety of content, featuring some of the best scripted shows to binge watch and a number of the best movies you can stream to complete a truly diverse lineup. Sometimes, though, viewers want a movie that will add a little steam to their streaming pursuits, and Netflix can provide that too, with a number of options available for those looking to break away from nature. dating shows on netflix or repeat viewings of old favorites they’ve spent their time with. And, if you’re just considering that, well, we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve listed over 10 movies that can help you branch out when it comes to investigating some of the streaming service’s hottest options. And, when I say “hottest,” I mean, indeed, filled with the sexy moments your heart desires. All we know is that if you’re looking for something a little more intense than most of Netflix’s library offerings, these are the movies you need to seek out. Part the bead curtain and follow the list of the most sexually explicit Netflix titles we could find.

365 days Massimo and Laura in the bedroom

365 days (2020)

Admit it, it’s the movie that sent you to this list. Nobody would blame you either, because 365 days hit the streaming giant in the summer of 2020 and quickly became the latest raunchy sensation to get Netflix users excited. For the uninitiated, the film is based on the Polish novel of the same name by author Blanka Lipińska, telling the story of mafia don Massimo (Michele Morrone) and his captive lover Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka.) That part of the captivity is most of the reason this movie led many people to sign a petition for his removalbut fans loved its extremely realistic sex scenes and a sequel, 365 days: this daydebuts on April 27, 2022.

Stream 365 Days on Netflix.

Laia Costa and Alia Shawkat kiss in Duck Butter

(Image credit: The Orchard)

Duck Butter (2018)

In this film by director and co-screenwriter Miguel Arteta, two women who have just met, Naima (Alia Shawkat, who co-wrote with Arteta) and Sergio (Laia Costa) decide on an intriguing relationship experiment by agreeing to spend 24 hours together and having sex every hour, on time. Of course, this leads to complications once unexpected feelings start to emerge and each woman’s romantic baggage from the past kicks in.

Stream duck butter on Netflix.

María Pedraza and Pol Monen touch their foreheads in Amar

(Image credit: Avalon)

Bitter (2017)

Spanish cinema Amar, takes a look at young love and what happens when the realities of life crumble. Laura (María Pedraza) and Carlos (Pol Monen) are firmly in the grip of their first love with each other and enjoying the intensity (and experimentation) that comes with it. But, it doesn’t take long before life gets in the way of their idealized vision of what their relationship can be. The first 10 minutes show you exactly where these young lovers are in their romance before everything gets harder than they imagined.

Stream Amar on Netflix.

denise richards and neve campbell on the phone in wild things

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Wild Things (1998)

Even if you haven’t watched wild things, you’ve probably heard of it. This crime thriller involves two high school students (Neve Campbell and Denise Richards) who accuse a school guidance counselor (Matt Dillon) of rape, while the detective in charge of the case (Kevin Bacon) suspects the trio are actually trying to organize a scam. It seems to be the rare sexually explicit thriller that is derided for being trashy while being applauded for the number of expertly executed twists, which helps it still have a good reputation.

Stream Wild Things on Netflix.

amanda seyfried and julianne moore talk at a bar in chloe

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Chloe (2009)

When a gynecologist (Julianne Moore) suspects her college professor husband (Liam Neeson) of having an affair, she hires an escort (Amanda Seyfried) to try to seduce him to test his loyalty to their marriage. The idea of ​​someone testing their partner’s loyalty to them isn’t new, but this erotic thriller takes the story to new heights.

Stream Chloe on Netflix.

Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernández talk in elisa & marcela

(Image credit: Netflix)

Elisa and Marcela (2019)

In this Spanish film, based on a true story, two women (Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernández) meet in the late 1800s and form a strong friendship. Eventually, their relationship turns into much more, and one of them begins to pose as a man so they can legally marry. This romantic drama will strike a chord with you while delivering steamy scenes, which help make it one of the best movies on netflix with lesbian characters.

Stream Elisa and Marcela on Netflix.

Laia Costa and Nicholas Hoult kiss in novelty

(Image credit: Lost City)

New (2017)

Director Drake Doremus has quietly become one of the most skilled storytellers of complex emotional relationships. In his previous films, like Like crazy and Equalshe had mined this topic for some very unique opinions on how society deals with such things, and Novelty is perhaps one of its most sexually provocative examinations. This time around, Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabriella (Laia Costa) are the subjects of Dormeus, as they begin an open relationship after growing bored of their romance, which sees each partner asking the other to accomplish specific tasks while the other watches. Love and lust collide, as the two try to get to the root of what their relationship is really about.

Stream the novelty on Netflix.

Mina Farid and Zahia Dehar on the balcony in an easy girl

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An Easy Girl (2019)

Set on the French Riviera during a vigorous summer, 16-year-old Naima (Mina Farid) accompanies her free-spirited and sexually adventurous 22-year-old cousin, Sofia (Zahia Dehar), as she enjoys his style of party life. Watching her cousin leads Naima to realize what she values ​​for her own life.

Stream Easy Girl on Netflix.

Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark talk in a perfect ending

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A Perfect Ending (2012)

Rebecca (Barbara Niven) has been in an unhappy marriage for decades, but after confiding in her best friends that she’s never had an orgasm and isn’t happy with her sex life with her husband, they suggested that she take matters into her own hands by seeking sex. satisfaction with an escort, Paris (Jessica Clark), who is highly recommended. Mid-life sexual awakening stories still tend to be relatively rare, and this one doesn’t shy away from being explicit.

Stream A Perfect Ending on Netflix.

Clara Galle and Julio Peña in the rain through my window

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Through My Window (2022)

Middle-class teenager Raquel (Clara Galle) has had a crush on her super-rich neighbor Ares (Julio Peña) for years, and her dreams begin to come true when he begins to express his own feelings for her , despite the objections of his family. If you need more sexy moments with your teen drama, Through my window will not disappoint you.

Stream through my window on Netflix.

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin cuddle up in bed after

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The After Trilogy (2019)

Speaking of teen dramas with sexytimes, the After trilogy (which includes the 2020s After our collision and 2021 After our fall) takes it a step further by showing us a complicated romantic slice of life for college freshmen. The sexually inexperienced Tessa (Josephine Langford) begins college very confident about what she hopes to get out of life, but that begins to change for her when she meets and falls in love with bad boy Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). Not only do you have three hot stories of young love to watch right now with the After trilogy, but the After our fall end installation the fourth movie in the series based on Anna Todd’s bestsellers (After always happy), which is set to hit theaters in September 2022.

Stream After on Netflix.
Stream After We Collided on Netflix.
Stream After We Fell on Netflix.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of thrills in your Netflix queue, if you know where to find them. The films we’ve highlighted above are a great starting point for a night of cinematic sex adventure, and who knows what else you’ll find in the digital library on this streaming giant’s full servers. But be sure to stream responsibly. If necessary, make sure the kids are watching Looney Tunes or sleeping before embarking on one of these explicit viewing escapades.

Alfonso E. Cramer