3 NETFLIX movies to watch before they DROP from the catalog in March

The first week of March of 2022, this means that some of the titles will no longer be available from netflixso before you miss your chance to miss a few, meet 3 movies what to see before vanish from the catalog this month.

The following films have terror, action and suspense in their plot, in addition to the fact that two of them have outstanding performances by the famous Jean Claude Van Damme and Olivia Wilde, so you must hurry to them see, because it is worth mentioning that these 3 movies will disappear the Catalog from netflix during this weekend.

The legend of Slender Man is very popular in the United States, and this supposed monster is said to be a terrifying figure, very tall, thin, with abnormally long arms, who has no face and persecutes and kidnaps young people for force them to commit terrible acts. . His fame credits him with being responsible for the disappearance of countless children and teenagers.

The film is set in a small town in Massachusetts, USA, four college students perform a ritual in an attempt to disprove the legend of Slender Man. When one of the girls mysteriously disappears, they begin to suspect she may have been one of them. their victims.

Marcus Ray (Jean Claude Van Damme) is a CIA agent who works in Hong Kong as a sales representative for a trouser brand. Although it seems that everything is going well, a situation arises that allows the Russian mafia to introduce deadly micro-bombs with the intention of distributing them on the international terrorist market. Given this, the protagonist must do everything possible to avoid the operation.

A woman (Olivia Wilde) with a dark past dedicates her life to helping others who are victims of domestic violence. This partly helps her overcome a terrible experience with her husband, who in the midst of a fit of fury murders her grandson, whom she becomes a warrior determined to exact revenge on her. Thus, she decides to return to her old house to find some memories of her deceased son, not knowing that a bad surprise awaits her there.

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