3 new movies to enjoy this Halloween weekend

Some new streaming movies have come out to exploit the feelings of fear and pleasure.

Film critic Greg Russell has once again joined “Live in the D” for Reel Talk to discuss three new films.

Let’s start with “Wendell and Wild,” a new Netflix movie that reunites Metro Detroit native Keegan Michael Key with Jordan Peele. According to Russell, it is a stop motion animated film in which they play two demons trying to escape from the underworld. They hire this friend-seeking girl to help them escape, and things quickly spiral out of control. Russell said the unique feature of the film is that it is shot entirely in stop-motion, giving the film four out of five reels.

Then another new Netflix movie, starring two big stars in Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, is “The Good Nurse.” It’s a thriller that could be ideal for the weekend. Chastain’s character is a nurse who works nights and needs help, which leads to the hiring of Redmayne’s character. Patients start dying from the insulin in their medications, and it’s up to Chastain’s character to figure out what’s going on. Russell said this film is based on a true story and credits it with four reels.

Finally, “Prey for the Devil” is a new movie in theaters that might rekindle the fear and horror you felt when you saw “The Exorcist.” According to Russell, the film is about a priest who shuts down exorcism schools, but then there is a worldwide epidemic of people becoming possessed. A nun, however, possesses the ability to perform exorcisms. From what Russell has heard, this movie is terrifying.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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