5 good Netflix movies and shows this week: Inventing Anna and more

A new week has arrived, and that means new Netflix movies and shows will be arriving. What is worth watching throughout the week?

There are a total of 22 new Netflix movies and shows arriving throughout the week. Whether you want comedy, action, true crime or romance, you’ve got it covered. But this comprehensive list can get quite overwhelming.

It’s easy to miss great releases if you find yourself overwhelmed by the full list. That’s why we’re bringing you this list of the week’s top picks. There’s something for every interest and preference when it comes to content and genres.

5 must-watch Netflix movies and shows this week

This list is in order of release dates. It’s just too hard to compare different genres, and we want to make sure it’s easy for you to choose content throughout the week.

Love is blind

As the second season of the US series arrives at the weekend, there is a version of the series that arrives initially. That’s why it has to be put first.

Love is blind: Japan will drop the first five episodes of its version of the series and the rest of the episodes will arrive weekly. You’ll want to dive straight in to see new faces finding love. If you want the US version, a new batch of episodes will arrive later this week.

Love is blind: Japan arrives Tuesday, February 8. Love is blind Season 2 arrives Friday, February 11.

catch killers

Many people are fascinated by true crime. There’s something addictive about watching killers get caught, and we have a chance to learn what not to deal with a would-be serial killer. catch killers gained an immediate audience with its first season, and there are more episodes to come.

The whole second season will fall at once. Each episode tackles a different killer, looking at how the police ultimately take down the killer.

Watch the full season on Wednesday, February 9.

The privilege

There are a few Netflix movies releasing throughout the week. First on our list is The privilege, an unmissable German-language film. After all, European productions tend to be among the best.

The privilege follows a wealthy German student attending an elite school. When he realizes that all is not as it seems, he embarks on a dark conspiracy, but will anyone listen to him?

It is one of the Netflix movies and shows that will be released on Wednesday, February 9.

Invent Anna

What do you know of Anna Delvey? Shonda Rhimes brings a series that delves into the life of the New York socialite, primarily her rise to the elite tables.

don’t expect Invent Anna be a practical guide. Don’t forget that Anna stole hearts, but also money to get where she was. The limited series will look into all of this.

Check out the full series on Friday, February 11.

big girl 2

Finally, everything revolves around the sequel to Tall girl. After the events of the first film, Jodi Kreyman went from outcast to popular. What does this mean for her and her group of friends?

As you would expect, this signifies an imbalance. Jodi has something she never thought possible, and now she realizes she has to make active choices if she wants to retain that popularity. This causes tension with his friends and threatens to break up the friendship group.

Watch the film on Friday, February 11.

What Netflix movies and shows are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Alfonso E. Cramer