5 great Netflix movies and shows to watch this week: Hype House, more

After a jam-packed weekend of great Netflix movies and shows to check out, it’s time to sort out your viewing for this week. Here are the top five picks for this week.

We started 2022 strong. There were some great shows and movies coming in, and you’re probably re-watching the new episodes of Cobra Kai considering how entertaining the fourth season was.

This first full week of January 2022 brings a great mix of content. There are new episodes of kids’ shows, and we can’t forget a new season of a Danish crime thriller you’ve been waiting for.

The full list of versions can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the top five picks of Netflix movies and shows for the week.

5 must-see Netflix movies and shows to check out this week

This list is in order of release dates as we cannot compare different genres.

Action Kit

The first of the versions is intended for preschoolers. This is going to be a must for many parents as schools remain closed in some parts of the country. Or maybe you’re stuck at home with a COVID case.

Action Kit follows a group of heroic children who are part of the Action Academy. They use their wits and superpowers to help save the world. This is a great series for teaching kids to be brave and positive.

Watch all episodes on Tuesday, January 4.

four at dinner

The first release on the list is an Italian romantic comedy that will have you rethinking what you know about soul mates. We follow four singles as they couple and find love.

The film follows the four individuals in parallel. If you’re done with traditional roms, this is something worth checking out.

look four at dinner Wednesday, January 5.

The club

New episodes of The club will arrive this week. This is a must for anyone who loves period dramas.

The series follows a mother in 1950s Istanbul simply trying to come to terms with her troubled past. She works at a nightclub to reconnect with the rebellious daughter she couldn’t raise. The second part continues the story, which is sure to continue to captivate our hearts. Don’t forget to watch the first episodes. It’s probably a series you’ve overlooked before.

Watch new episodes on Thursday, January 6.

hype house

TikTok is the latest social media platform to gain popularity, and hype house is all about it. It is a reality series that follows a household as they grow their brand on the social media platform.

It will certainly be a controversial series. Let’s start with the fact that this isn’t even a traditional household. It’s a group of twenty-somethings who film content for their subscribers on a daily basis.

Discover the series on Friday, January 7.

Johnny’s essay

There are some great Netflix movies and shows for kids. Johnny’s essay is surely one of the most popular shows, and the second season is going to arrive this week. It really is time for more episodes!

Johnny is enthusiastic and full of courage, but he ends up being the guinea pig for his twin sisters’ scientific experiments. It’s time to see what the kids can do in another set of episodes.

Watch new episodes on Friday, January 7.

What Netflix movies and shows are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Alfonso E. Cramer