5 new Netflix movies and shows to watch this week: December 20

We are getting closer and closer to the holidays and I am excited. As we do every week, below we share all the new Netflix movies and shows from the week of December 20, 2021.

Every year we hit Christmas week and what streaming platforms understand is that a lot of people don’t always want to watch this new content. Instead, they love digging up old Christmas classics. We are also aware that Netflix is ​​marching to the beat of its drum.

Netflix has two POWER house things coming out this week with a huge Oscar contender and the return of a hugely popular TV series.

Don’t look up is Adam Mckay’s latest film in the world of satirical comedy about modern events. It has a massive top-to-bottom cast led by Leonardo Dicaprio and is also seen returning to the big screen (or small screen) with Jennifer Lawrence. I loved this movie and highly recommend watching it when it comes out.

Emily in Paris fans rejoice the time has come when we will have season 2 of the series and I for one am excited! Yes, you read that right, I’m thrilled! I loved Season 1 of the show and can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us.

A man who makes us laugh, an ensemble cast that is incredible and a woman in Paris, everything drops this week.

Let’s move on to the new Netflix movies and shows to stream this week.

New Netflix movies and shows to watch this week

  • Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster, December 21
  • Grumpy Christmas, December 21
  • Emily in Paris: Season 2, December 22
  • 1000 miles of Christmas, December 24
  • don’t look up, December 24

According to our suggestions, what are you going to watch? Are you going to watch the latest Adam Mckay movie? Where will you watch season 2 of Emily in Paris? Let us know.

Alfonso E. Cramer