5 Underrated Netflix Movies of 2021

Netflix offers its subscribers a plethora of movies and TV series to binge. It has something in store for enthusiasts of all genres. 2021 has seen a number of splendid Netflix Originals drop onto the streaming platform throughout the year, giving viewers an array of options to choose from.

Top 5 Underrated Netflix Picks of the Year

With so many movies streaming on Netflix almost every day, it’s easy to miss out on some of the best features. Here is a list of the top five underrated Netflix movies of 2021 to stream on the viewing platform.

5) The search

I’m obsessed with the style of this movie, The Dig (2021) https://t.co/UFM1i9iFyU

The 2021 historical drama explores the events that follow when a wealthy landowner, Edith Pretty, hires an archaeologist to investigate mounds on her property in England.

The team of archaeologists stumble upon some interesting secrets while unearthing a cemetery in the area. With Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes, Excavation didn’t get the hype it deserved.

4) Moxie

Moxie is a 2021 American comedy-drama directed by Amy Poehler and adapted from the 2015 novel of the same name by Jennifer Mathieu. The musical drama is about 16-year-old Vivian, who is launching a campaign to empower young women at her school as they fight bullying, sexual harassment and rape.

The film was released on March 3, 2021 by Netflix but sadly didn’t get the praise it deserved for dealing with sensitive issues that become crucial for discussion with each passing day.

3) The more they fall

“A rock and a hard place, that’s what we call Monday.” The Harder They Fall (2021) dir. Jeymes Samuel https://t.co/l9hEQ4B1PY

The more they fall is a 2021 American revisionist western drama directed by Jeymes Samuel. What’s interesting about the film is that it’s one of the few western films whose main actors are all black.

The more they fall is a representation of the 19th century American West with cowboys and outlaws. The film should have been acclaimed for its lead characters in an American Western drama.

4) Pass

The historical drama attempts to portray the phenomenon of “crossing over” practiced by African Americans in the early 1900s. Who passed revolves around the reunion of two childhood friends, one of whom pretends to be white.

The tale depicts the two friends sneaking into each other’s lives, which ends up taking their toll. The Netflix drama should have received more attention for the plot.

5) Tick, tick… Boom!

Andrew Garfield was DONE to play Jonathan Larson. I knew Andrew had talent but Tick Tick Boom took his talent to a whole new level. https://t.co/IBvpyTd6eV

The Netflix Original Tick, tick… Boom! is based on the autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson. It tells the story of an aspiring composer in New York who fears he’s made the wrong career choice, while navigating the pressures of love and friendship. The film stars Andrew Garfield.

What are your favorite underrated Netflix movies?

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