7 best new movies to stream this week on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus and more

This is one of the best weeks for new streaming movies we’ve seen since we started tracking the best new movies to watch online. And two of them take you to tropical islands, and they’re both way cheaper than the flights we looked up online.

Not only do we have an underrated and underseen new movie starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, but Netflix continues to channel all the true crime possible with a highly anticipated and highly nauseating story of a creepy fertility doctor. Oh, and Senior Year is Rebel Wilson’s first new movie in years.

The most interesting film of the bunch is Operation Mincemeat, a true story-based war drama that has a truly unique sense of humor. In it, you’ll see Colin Firth and Tom Wabsgams himself (Matthew Macfadyen) as British intelligence agents using a corpse to confuse Nazis during World War II. Once you’ve finished this list, check out the stack of new shows and movies to watch from the past weekend.

Without further previews, let’s break down the seven movies you should watch this week:

The lost city

Sometimes you just want a fun, light-hearted book that’s easy on the eyes and makes you swoon more than it makes you think. And The Lost City, a movie about a novelist, shows that sometimes an easy-to-watch movie that makes you laugh is just as great.

Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) has sold tons of adventure and lust-based tomes, but she’s finally burnt out and ready to give it all up. Alas, she can’t leave yet. Loretta has to go on one last promotional book tour, where she has to support Alan, the model who appears on all the covers of her novels as Heroic Dash.

And just when Loretta is about to throw it all in a burst of glory? Well, a weird little man (Daniel Radcliffe) who believes Loretta’s books actually contain the secrets of a real lost city filled with riches. This triggers a rescue mission where Alan tries to become Dash and save her as well.

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And if you have Prime Video, you can watch Kids in the Hall (2022) online when the revival comes.

Our Father (Netflix)

Netflix dominates the world of true crime, and its latest documentary is a particularly chilling and incredible film. Our Father is the story of their father, Doctor Donald Cline, a fertility specialist who is linked to (at least) 94 children by his own sperm. And not only does it seem like there is no crime for which he can be arrested, but his victims accuse him of doing this to build a widespread Aryan clan.

No, his patients had no idea what he was doing. And, yes, you will be appalled by his actions. The film shows how Cline’s actions can be linked to a conservative movement known as Quiverfull, which pushes families to produce as many children as possible. Our Father is a Blumhouse movie (Paranormal Activity, Get Out, and The Invisible Man), so expect Cline’s story to be told with an expert, unnerving edge.

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Operation Mincemeat (Netflix)

Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen in the same movie? No, the multiverse trend hasn’t hit the Pride and Prejudice Cinematic Universe. Here, the former Darcys are British intelligence officers whose purpose and plan seem greatly incompatible.

All they want to do is confuse the Nazis, so the Allies can improve their chances in the war. Their strategy, however, is really strange: to turn a corpse into a weapon. Not by turning said corpse into an explosive device, but to deceive their enemies.

It may sound unbelievable, but this story is actually true. And Operation Mincemeat doesn’t just have heavy hitters on camera: it’s directed by John Madden (Shakespeare In Love, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).

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Fire starter (peacock)

Mutant origin stories have been seen in movies and comics for years, and Firestarter turns it into a horror addiction. Charlie (newcomer Ryan Kiera Armstrong) apparently wants to be a normal schoolgirl, but she has trouble keeping calm. And we mean that literally: his touch can get way too hot, as his classmates learn in dire times.

Zac Efron stars as Charlie’s father, Andy, who tries to help him learn to control his pyrokinetic abilities. But as is the case with any 11-year-old, Charlie’s job of keeping his burn under control isn’t going well. Now her best hope is that they can save Charlie from being taken from her by a mysterious agent.

You can watch firestarter online on Peacock this Friday (May 13)

Sneakerella (Disney Plus)

One thing we always ask of Disney Plus is that they release new content that isn’t just a spin-off or a reboot. Sneakerella is just that kind of movie, though it has obvious ties to the Disney classic Cinderella. It centers on El (Chosen Jacobs), a sneaker designer in Queens, NY, who works out of the back of a shoe store that was once run by his late mother.

Not only are El’s stepbrothers bullying him, but his beleaguered stepfather doesn’t have much luck helping him either. Hope for a better life comes from Kira King (Lexi Underwood), the “fiercely independent” daughter of iconic basketball star and sneaker mogul Darius King. With the encouragement of his hidden godfather, as well as his best friend Sami (Devyn Nekoda), El just might realize his sneakerhead dreams.

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Secondary year (Netflix)

Did you miss Rebel Wilson? The actress is finally back on our screens after a year off for herself, and she’s back in a movie with a slightly similar premise. But instead of her character Stephanie Conway taking a year off before her senior year, Steph has spent the past 20 years in a coma following a freak cheerleading accident.

Now she must not only graduate from high school, but in the ultimate fish-out-of-water situation, where she has no idea what happened during her coma. The movie looks like a lovely and fun time, and it will star Alicia Silverstone, the Ms. High School movie herself, in a role to be revealed. Fans of Apple TV Plus’ The Afterparty will note that Sam Richardson plays love interest Seth, while Zoe Chao stars as rival Tiffany.

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Former (HBO Max)

Yes, with spring here and summer fast approaching, we bet you’d like to hit a bright, sunny beach at an all-expenses-paid resort. M. Night Shyamalan has a different kind of sunny and sandy vista for you though. Old, which I paid to see in theaters (and am excited to see again on HBO Max), takes place on the last beach I’d ever set foot on.

On the “old beach” (as my friends and I called it after seeing the movie), a group of tourists discover that they are all starting to age rapidly. Just a few hours bring a small child to adulthood, and do even worse for the elderly among them. Of course, Old has one of Shyamalan’s signature twists at the end, so don’t believe anything you see until the credits roll. A fun horror movie that isn’t afraid to be weird or goofy, Old is one I can’t wait to see again.

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In other entertainment news, Netflix is ​​rolling out ads and a password crackdown later this year. Plus, watch the Avatar 2 trailer.

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