7 Worst Netflix Movies With The Best Protagonists

Netflix has changed the way fans access their favorite TV shows and movies. Along with showcasing big-name productions, Netflix is ​​constantly releasing new original works. Similar to eagerly waiting for new films to hit theaters, viewers are now counting the days from the comfort of their homes for the streaming giant to release compelling new films and documentaries.

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Not only does Netflix produce a wide range of genres, but the company also creates international films featuring the biggest stars in the world. Despite the streaming service’s stellar reputation, some films receive terrible ratings from critics and audiences alike. However, solid and gripping performances can save the worst films. These characters can become fan favorites by having strong development, being witty, or simply delivering hilarious and iconic lines.

seven Rob gives fans an endearing performance (naked)

Time loops have become a trope in romcoms, shaking up the genre. While many films with this story are hits, Naked was a miss with the public. The comedy follows Rob Anderson (Marlon Waynes), who has cold feet before his wedding. On D-Day, he wakes up naked in the hotel without remembering the previous night. Soon, Rob realizes that he will keep rehearsing the same day until he deals with the conflicts he and his fiancé are facing.

Despite the promising premise, the film was forgettable, and its lack of realism made it seem satirical. The humor was understated and it seemed to be clinging to straws to keep fans engaged. However, Rob’s reticence made it approachable and endearing to many viewers. Although the character development wasn’t very deep, it gave Rob some depth.

6 Good On Paper takes a different approach to romantic films

Inspired by the tragic story of actress Iliza Shlesinger who was manipulated by a lover, Good on paper is a cautionary tale. Andrea Singer (Shlesinger) is caught in a web of lies when she comes into contact with the passenger sitting next to her during her flight. Unfortunately, love interest Dennis Kelley (Ryan Hansen) turns out to be a master manipulator who stalks Andrea to crash into her life.

Viewers can sympathize with Andrea, who encounters relationships without the rose-colored glasses that shape other rom-coms. The protagonist masterfully captures various emotions including anger, deception, pain, and frustration. Although Andrea is a compelling character, the film struggled with its pacing, which ruined the suspense. The laughs overshadowed the underlying commentary on modern relationships, which left audiences dissatisfied with the storytelling.

5 Padgett Captures the Struggles of Modern-Day Teenagers (He’s All That)

The classic romantic comedy She is all that gave way to the modern gender-swap remake, He is all that. Real-life TikTok influencer Addison Rae plays Padgett Sawyer, a high school student and influencer. After betting her friend that she can turn the school’s least popular student, Cameron Kweller, into prom king, Padgett realizes she should be true to herself.

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He is all that had the good intentions of wanting to update the premise of the original; however, this failed. He always fell into the stereotypes a versus didn’t and paled in comparison to She is all that. Additionally, the acting often gave up, ruining the viewing experience. Despite all the shortcomings, Padgett’s story is intriguing. The protagonist’s background is refreshing and offers depth. Padgett also successfully captures high school strife and the desire to fit in.

4 Elle’s journey to adulthood is relatable (The Kissing Booth)

According to the novel of the same name, The kissing booth tells Elle Evans coming from the stage story. When Elle’s crush on her best friend’s brother turns into a relationship, she’s forced to choose between her friend, Lee, and her love interest, Noah.

The kissing booth did not update gender; instead, he used exaggerated cliches. The relationship between Elle and Noah is a classic toxic relationship that is present in most teen romance novels. However, Joey King’s (Elle) game was strong and perfect. Elle’s eccentricity was endearing and her journey of self-discovery made her relatable to others of that age.

3 The Wrong Missy relies on cheap laughs, but Tim’s situation keeps viewers engaged

The bad miss opens with Tim Morris’ (David Spade) horrific blind date with Missy. After sneaking out of the date, Tim meets another woman named Missy, with whom he is smitten. Wanting to invite her to the company retreat, he mistakenly sends a text message to the incumbent Missy. Now Tim must deal with the unintended consequences of his mistake.

Happy Madison Productions produced this film, making it suitable for fans of Adam Sandler’s often mediocre humor with questionable themes. He used toxic gender stereotypes by making Missy promiscuous and “crazy”, while Tim is balanced. Other themes like consent were skipped over for cheap laughs. As far as average comedies go, Tim is a decent character that evokes viewer sympathy. While it remains static, there are glimmers of development that satisfy audience needs.

2 Emily’s Superhero Origin Story Is Familiar And Heartwarming (Thunder Force)

thunder force is a superhero comedy following two friends who want to defeat supervillains. Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) has dedicated her life to giving ordinary humans bionic powers to defeat the “Misbelievers”. When her high school friend, Lydia Berman (Melissa McCarthy), accidentally injects herself with Emily’s serum and receives powers, the two decide to save their town.

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The buddy comedy between Spencer and McCarthy doesn’t sit well with the futuristic sci-fi comedy. Fans have to choose between laughs or intrigue; the jokes are often weak and crude. Still, Emily has a solid origin story for becoming the superhero known as Bingo. Spencer delivers a solid and consistent performance throughout the film and embodies the brilliant mastermind role.

1 Spenser is the typical action hero (Spenser Confidential)

Spenser Confidential follows an ex-cop, Spenser (Mark Wahlberg), imprisoned for assaulting a police captain. When he goes out, he teams up with his friend’s roommate, Hawk (Winston Duke), to uncover the murderous plot that led to him attacking the Captain.

The action-comedy follows the stereotypical nature of revenge films. Moreover, there is no chemistry between the two tracks or between Spenser and all of his connections. Overall, it’s as timeless as its missing jokes. But for action fans, Spenser fits all tropes simultaneously as a hero seeking redemption and revenge.

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