8 new movies and TV shows on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and more this weekend (June 10)

Like clockwork, another slew of huge new movies and TV shows have arrived on streaming services to clog up your already stacked watch list for 2022.

This weekend is a particularly unique case, remember, since the flagship series – Peaky Blinders season 6 – has already aired in some parts of the world. The latest outing of the BBC-produced show began airing in the UK in February, but it has finally arrived on Netflix for overseas audiences to enjoy. Elsewhere, new superhero adventure Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney Plus, while critically acclaimed sci-fi series For All Mankind returns to Apple TV Plus.

Below, we’ve rounded up eight of the biggest new movies and TV shows available to stream on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and more this weekend.

Peaky Blinders season 6 (Netflix)

After a series of pandemic-induced delays, Season 6 of Peaky Blinders hit BBC iPlayer in the UK earlier this year. However, American audiences have had to wait for Steven Knight’s beloved period drama to return, and it does so for the last time on Netflix this weekend.

In order to avoid spoilers, all we’ll say is this: New episodes of the gangster series find some familiar faces (including Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons) picking up the pieces left behind by Tommy Shelby’s actions in the explosive finale. from season 5 of the series. The shadow of an impending WWII also hangs over the proceedings, so expect Peaky Blinders season 6 to matter even more.

As mentioned, these episodes have been confirmed to be the Blinders’ last on TV – but never fear: creator Knight has pledged to continue their story in a future film.

Now available to stream on Netflix in the US.

Ms. Marvel (Disney Plus)

Arriving on the heels of the fan-favorite MCU series Moon Knight this weekend is Ms. Marvel, the latest ambitious (but still in development) piece from the superhero studio Marvel Phase 4 puzzle.

This six-episode show tells the story of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Pakistani teenager and Avengers superfan who comes into possession of a strange ancestral bracelet that grants her superpowers. Understandably, however, some people aren’t too fond of Khan’s ability to manipulate the world around her, and the young high school girl finds herself pursued by two mysterious organizations that threaten her once-normal existence.

In our opinion, we said Ms. Marvel “is a fun, colorful, fantastical, upbeat series that the MCU needs after the heavier feel of other recent productions,” so we’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a break from the phase. 4 more serious Marvel. stories. Episode 1 is available to stream now on Disney Plus (you can also read our post-credits scene explainer once you’re done), with the remaining five entries arriving weekly every Wednesday.

Now available to stream on Disney Plus.

For All Mankind Season 3 (Apple TV Plus)

2022 is shaping up to be a supreme year for Apple TV Plus subscribers, and hoping to follow in the footsteps of critical hits Severance and Pachinko is space drama For All Mankind, which returns for its highly anticipated third season.

Picking up directly after the events of the series’ second drama series Cold War, new episodes show the show’s warring astronauts blasting off to Mars for the first time, with a new player – an ambitious tech company called Helios – in tow as fresh competition.

rolling stone (opens in a new tab) named For All Mankind season 2 as the best TV of 2021 (preferring Apple drama over pop culture juggernauts Succession and squid game), so we’re excited to see if the third outing in the series can continue its critical streak.

Now available to stream on Apple TV Plus.

Hustle (Netflix)

One of the biggest new netflix movies of 2022 is Hustle, a basketball drama starring Adam Sandler that seems to defy the expectations of audiences and critics alike.

After discovering a once-in-a-lifetime player with a checkered past overseas, unlucky Philadelphia 76ers scout Stanley Sugerman (Sandler) takes it upon himself to bring the young phenom to the United States without his team’s backing. . approval. Against all odds, the pair must work to prove that they both deserve to succeed in the NBA.

This synopsis may sound like standard sports drama fare, but Hustle is unexpectedly earning rave reviews – in our own assessment, we called the film a “rousing tale of redemption that provides further proof of Sandler’s ability as a damn good actor.” Trust us: it’s not Jack and Jill.

Now available to stream on Netflix.

Queer as Folk (Peacock)

A US reimagining of the 1999 British LGBTQ drama series of the same name, Queer as Folk makes its bold return to Peacock this weekend.

Counting original creator Russell T. Davies among its producers, this Stephen Dunn-led show follows a diverse group of twenty-somethings (led by Devin Way, Fin Argus, Ryan O’Connell, Johnny Sibilly and Jesse James Keitelas) as they come to terms with a common tragedy in modern New Orleans.

Recurring guests in the new Queer as Folk look include sex and the cityis Kim Cattrall, You better call Saulis Ed Begley Jr. and Euphoria escape Lukas Gage. Suffice to say that there is a lot of talent in this production exclusive to Peacock.

Now available to stream on Peacock.

First Murder (Netflix)

Netflix loves cheesy supernatural drama, and First Kill seems to be the streamer’s cheesiest for a while.

Based on the short story of the same name by VE Schwab, this eight-episode show adapts Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet script into a tale of a vampire, Juliet (Sarah Catherine Hook), and a vampire hunter, Calliope. (Imani Lewis), whose forbidden romance triggers a series of bloody consequences.

Despite its quintessentially teenage premise, however, First Kill’s gay line marks another milestone for on-screen representation, and fans of similar young adult Netflix dramas like Fate: The Winx Saga and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will probably find a lot to appreciate here.

Now available to stream on Netflix.

Fairfax season 2 (Prime Video)

Fairfax, Amazon’s adult animated comedy series focused on the “throbbing heart of hypebeast culture,” is getting a second season on Prime Video this weekend.

The show’s new episodes continue four middle schoolers’ endless quest for influence on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, and Season 2 of Fairfax once again features the voice quartet of Skyler Gisondo, Kiersey Clemons, Peter S. Kim and Jaboukie Young-White. .

While its humor is pretty on-the-nose, Fairfax sometimes looks like a clever cast of today’s internet-obsessed youngsters, and we recommend fans of the like-for-like Netflix comparison. Neo Yokio series try it.

Now available to stream on Prime Video.

The Janes (HBO Max)

Closing out this week’s recommendations is a regular documentary offering from HBO Max.

Produced by factual filmmakers Emma Pildes and Tia Lessin, The Janes takes a microscope to the little-known Jane Collective, an underground Chicago-based group that provided more than 11,000 illegal abortions to women prior to the landmark U.S. Roe v. Wade in 1973.

This feature-length documentary premiered at Sundance to rave reviews, highlighting an issue that continues to be controversial in 2022. We don’t yet know when The Janes will be available to stream for UK audiences, although we’ d anticipated its arrival on Sky and Now TV in the near future.

Now available to stream on HBO Max.

Alfonso E. Cramer