9 new Netflix movies and shows to watch this week (October 17)

It’s Monday, I don’t like it at all, but I can’t wait to discover new movies this week. As we do weekly, we’re sharing all new Netflix movies and shows starting the week of October 17, 2022.

In our endless search of trying to find something to watch, we tend to scroll and end up watching the same shows over and over instead of anything. While we try to help you find new content to stream every week, I confess that this is my fourth rewatch of You. I can’t wait for season 4. Unfortunately, we have to wait about four more months for more Joe, but here’s what’s coming to Netflix this week.

New Netflix movies and shows to watch this week

  • Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant, October 17
  • Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy live from Los Angeles, October 18
  • Somebody Feed Phil season 6, October 18
  • Unsolved mysteries Volume 3October 18
  • Love is blind season 3, October 19
  • The school of good and evil, October 19
  • 28 haunted days, 21st of October
  • Descending, 21st of October
  • from zero, 21st of October

One thing stands out from the rest in this INSANE lineup from Netflix this week and that’s Love is blind. The greatest reality TV show of all time (kind of a joke). After season 2, I kept using Love is blind content, whether it’s going to social media profiles to find out who’s still with whom or listening to Shayne tell the TRUTH about Natalie. I needed everything. I can’t wait to meet our new people and hope they’re ready to bring the drama to us.

Zoe Saldaña plays Amy Wheeler in from zero. Amy is an American student studying in Italy, when she meets and falls in love with Lino, a chef. The couple must overcome challenges that include their background, health, and more. Does the movie look like any other romance we’ve seen? Yes. Am I going to watch it anyway? Yes.

According to our suggestions, what are you going to watch? Are you excited for the new season of Love is blind? Or will you check from zero with me? Let us know, and hopefully next week brings us more additions to Netflix.

Alfonso E. Cramer