Best Netflix movies about casinos and gambling

Movies are a big part of entertainment; they give us thrills and action that keep us glued to the screen for the entire period. Just like online casinos, they can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Regardless of class, race, social status, or education level, among others, you’ll get a movie you can enjoy. The variety of themes that characterize cinema means that there is something for everyone. Gambling is a popular theme in movies. You will see real money slots in the movies, an indication that you are about to see some intense scenes where luck, accuracy and money are important elements. You will be held to the edge of your seat as events unfold.

Best Netflix movies about casinos and gambling

As online casino expert Ella Houghton points out, sometimes it’s hard to know what to look out for. However, when guided by the theme, everything becomes easy. For those who love casino movies, the guiding theme should be the game where you are looking for specific items. Slots, poker cards, roulette and free slots among other gambling products are some of the indicators that you are entering the zone of gambling zones.

Ella Houghton states that some of the casino films will be all about gambling while others will just mention it as a sub-theme. Ella reviewed some of the gambling movies. She concludes that there are plenty of casino movies for gambling enthusiasts as well as movie buffs to enjoy and learn valuable lessons from. In this article, we explore some of the best Netflix movies about casinos and gambling.

Casino Royale

Most gambling movie reviews have Casino Royale as one of the best movies. Even when you ask people to mention a game movie, it’s their first choice. That should tell you something. Casino Royale is a great movie. It may be because of the cast of the film, they are people who have made a name for themselves in the theater field. It could also be because it’s a James Bond movie. The film stars Daniel Craig who acts as Agent 007.

He is on a mission to kill and must fight a private banker who funds terrorists. All activities take place at the legendary Casino Royale of Montenegro. Like in most movies, the villains never engage in a fair game, especially when the stakes are high. The antagonist, Le Cipher, uses dirty tricks to win, but James Bond had none. He had to do everything possible to stop the terrorist financier and defeating him in his own game would be very effective.

This is a film that will keep you on your toes as you unfold a story that is both action-packed and heart-pounding. Although the film is several years since its release, it continues to draw a good following on Netflix. Its release is rumored to have made the gaming industry popular in different parts of the world.

Best Netflix movies about casinos and gambling
Best Netflix movies about casinos and gambling


This ranks among the most exciting game movies on Netflix for these reasons:

  • Interesting storyline
  • action packed movie
  • Some cast members are popular actors

This is a movie that will appeal to those looking for light-hearted fun. It revolves around two guys who decide to tour across the country and play in a different location. They aimed to be part of the big money games in New Orleans. They have their eye on some of the big games and stack up huge sums of money. Although it was released around seven years ago, it has continued to attract viewers, with some describing it as the smartest film in the gambling genre.

The player

Reputable casinos encourage players to engage responsibly when playing their favorite games. However, some become addicted and find it difficult to stop the excesses. If you are in this category, this is a film that we recommend you watch. The Gambler stars Jim Bennet, an English teacher addicted to gambling.

He took risks and bet high in hopes of winning big. He chased losses and made so many mistakes, which led him to serious financial problems. His habits got him into debt, which made him a target for gangsters. He was determined to get out of debt, but he chose to do so using gambling. Luckily, he hits it big and he got out of debt.

The Casino

In this movie, you’ll get a glimpse of how the game works when players bid to win money. The story allows viewers to see the habits of many top players. It will provide valuable lessons and keep you on the edge of your seat as the action unfolds.

A visit to the land-based casino will give you a glimpse of the entertaining and luxurious life that the people who frequent these facilities live. However, not everyone would have the opportunity to visit the location of the action. The good thing is that a similar experience can be replicated in casino movies. Watch these and more gambling movies on Netflix and find out what’s going on in land-based casinos.

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