Best new movies on Netflix this week: March 6, 2022

Beirut – Photo: Bleecker Street

Last week has been a busy week for new movies on Netflix, with the first releases of the month bringing a slew of new movies to the platform. Here’s our roundup of the top 5 new movies added to Netflix in the US in the last seven days.

As always, this list is just for the United States. You can find our movie selections for Netflix UK, CA and AU in our weekly roundups found via our new releases on the Netflix hub.

There are some great movies coming to Netflix US next week, including The Adam Project, Dunkirkand London has fallen.

Let’s get into the best new movies on Netflix:

Beirut (2018)

Kind: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Brad Anderson
To throw: Jon Hamm, Jay Potter, Khalid Benchagra
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Duration: 109 minutes

Jon Hamm (known for Mad Men) and Rosamund Pike (known for Gone Girl but also featured in the Netflix film, I Care A Lot) co-star in this political thriller released four years ago by Bleecker Street.

Added to Netflix in the United States on Saturday, the film is set during the Lebanese civil war with a former diplomat who returns to duty in order to save a colleague.

the Consensus RottenTomatoes for the movie says:

“Beirut tells a complex and tightly plotted story of international intrigue, further enhanced by strong central performances from Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike.”

The weekend (2022)

Kind: Polar
Director: Kim Farrant
To throw: Leighton Meester, Luke Norris, Christina Wolfe
Writer: Sarah Alderson
Duration: 89 minutes

One of Netflix’s big new movies of the week is The weekenda new movie with Leighton Meester.

The film sees you accompany a couple on a weekend getaway to Croatia that goes awry when they get involved in a murder plot. As she attempts to clear her name and uncover the truth, her efforts uncover a painful secret.

Reviews for Netflix’s Big New Movie of the Week have been relatively mixed from both critics and audiences. It holds a 5.6 on IMDb at the time of publication and a 51 on Metacritic.

Gattaca (1997)

Kind: Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Director: Andre Nicol
To throw: Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law
Writer: Andre Nicol
Duration: 106 minutes
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. 6 wins and 16 nominations in total

One of the big new movies that hit Netflix on the first of the month is the sci-fi epic Gattaca which isn’t getting the attention it now deserves 25 years after its release.

The film is set in a dystopian future where genetics determine your fate. We follow a man born into plots with limited prospects to escape his status as a second-class citizen.

margin call (2011)

Kind: Drama, Thriller
Director: JC Chandor
To throw: Zachary Quinto, Stanley Tucci, Kevin Spacey
Writer: JC Chandor
Duration: 107 minutes
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. 8 wins and 24 nominations in total

The only first addition of the month that received the coveted NYT Critic’s Pick for March 1st is Margin Call, a superb film from Lionsgate.

Over the course of one night, we see an analyst unveil the coming chaos that is about to descend on Wall Street in 2008.

If you liked The big court and you haven’t seen this movie yet, you’re missing out.

american girl (2021)

Kind: Drama
Director: Feng I Fiona Roan
To throw: Caitlin Fang, Winnie Shih-Ying Chang, Kaiser Chuang
Writer: Bing Li, Feng-I Fiona Roan
Duration: 101 minutes

As always, we like to spotlight an international film that arrived on Netflix this week.

The painfully familiar story comes from Taiwan and here’s what you can expect from the film:

When her mother falls ill, 13-year-old Fen returns to Taiwan, where she struggles to fit in amid the 2003 SARS outbreak.

The film sports a 7.6 on IMDb at the time of publication.

What movies have you watched on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Alfonso E. Cramer