Classic films playing at the local cinema

Editor’s Note – This article has been edited to include the reduced admission price.

As movie production studios continue to push back the release dates for new movies, Star Cinemas in Hillsboro is taking inspiration from the classics.

During the week of June 29, the theater aired “Trolls 2” (2020), “Jaws” (1975), “Field of Dreams” (1989) and “Forrest Gump” (1994). The previous week, he presented films like “Jurassic Park” (1993).

Star Cinemas co-owners Susan Davis and Steve Thompson and the theater’s assistant general manager Karen Riffee told the Times-Gazette that part of the reason classics are returning to Hillsboro is because the studios film production companies are not currently releasing new films. Riffee added that production studios have even pushed back the release dates of movies like “Mulan,” a live-action version of the 1998 Disney animated film that was originally slated for release on March 27 and has since been pushed back at least twice. times.

Although smaller films have been released digitally, larger films, including installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “are either being moved to next year or delayed indefinitely,” according to a late June article on Vulture. , a culture and entertainment site from New York Magazine.

“We can’t get any new movies at this point, so we have to go back to the archives and what we think are some old hits that someone might really like to see again,” Thompson said.

“We were hoping people would at least like to hang out,” Davis said. “We are social distancing as much as possible – we have the screens and the masks and all that. We are the only ones to handle the food before it gets to the person. We’re just hoping people can hang out and have fun for a while, but the major theaters won’t be releasing new movies until, I think, the end of July. They pushed him back again.

Although Riffee said Star Cinemas employees have not had to enforce social distancing guidelines at this point, Davis, Thompson and Riffee are asking moviegoers to leave space between themselves or their group and others.

Classic movies aren’t the only things showing at Star Cinemas, though — on Saturday, July 11 starting at 2 p.m., the Eagle Riders DAV and Bring Cruisin’ Back to Uptown Hillsboro will host a show of cars, trucks and bikes at the Star Cinemas.

The show will include a 1950s-style “Guys and Dolls” pin-up contest, cornhole tournament, food, entertainment, door prizes, raffles, a 50/50 raffle and a cash giveaway from $250. Proceeds will benefit the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 123 and the VFW Post 9094 Relief Fund.

“There was a car show in Wilmington that was canceled in May, so they’re combining that here,” Riffee said. “They were telling me 50, 60 cars, but now they’re saying they have to find parking elsewhere because they barely have room for the nice cars.”

Riffee, who selects and requests films to be shown at Star Cinemas, said she has selected a few auto-related films for this week in honor of the auto show. During the week of July 11, community members can see ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ (1977), ‘The Fast and the Furious’ (2001) and ‘Grease’ (1978) at Star Cinemas.

“Something for everyone, not just a fast car, not just a ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ car,” Riffee said.

Riffee also selected “Secret Life of Pets” (2016) and “The Blind Side” (2009).

According to a list provided by Riffee, she requested films like “Scream” (1996), “Shrek” (2001), “National Lampoons Vacation” (1983) and “Beetlejuice” (1988). While whether or not these titles appear at Star Cinemas depends on whether production studios clear them, Riffee plans to screen classic films through the end of July.

Davis said they are also considering films to show during the Christmas season.

“We’re thinking of releasing ‘Elf’ for Christmas, even though it’s not a new movie,” Davis said. “I know I’d love to see ‘Elf’ back on the big screen.”

“Elf,” a Christmas movie starring Will Ferrell as a man adopted by elves who seeks to reconnect with his human family, was released in 2003.

Although Davis, Thompson and Riffee are eagerly awaiting the new releases, they said they and Star Cinemas employees were enjoying a coronavirus-related change: the plexiglass window in the concession area.

“Employees like it now,” Davis said. “I think we’ve all become more aware of trying to keep clean, so they just think it’s good practice anyway.”

Davis and Thompson said the theater could keep the plexiglass in the concessions area even after they were no longer required to use it.

In the meantime, Davis and Thompson said Star Cinemas needs community support.

“We really hope they come out for the old retro movies,” Davis said. “We are only three families – we started seven – but we just did it to help the community. For us to stay in business, we need support. We really appreciate people coming even during this slow time.

“We really appreciate the community and the support they’ve always shown us in the past,” Thompson said. “We look forward to continuing to provide the community with a beautiful product at an affordable price.”

The movie theater offered take-out concessions like popcorn when ordering from Ohio, but community members can purchase take-out concessions at any time.

Admission has been reduced to $5 for any day of the week.

Star Cinemas is located at 211 Harry Sauner Rd. in Hillsboro. For showtimes, visit or call 937-393-8400.

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During the week of June 29, Star Cinemas in Hillsboro aired “Trolls 2” (2020), “Jaws” (1975), “Field of Dreams” (1989) and “Forrest Gump” (1994). Star Cinemas Deputy General Manager Karen Riffee says more classics will return to the big screen in the coming week.

Behind a plexiglass barrier, Ethan Humphries, director of Star Cinemas, prepares an order for popcorn.

Star Cinemas co-owners: “We need support”

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