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This week’s new movies on VOD feature the return of a beloved character, Irvin Fletch, in an all-new retelling of Fletch’s stories, Confess, Fletch. Originally (and symbolically) played by Chevy Chase in the 1980s, Fletch is this time taken over by Jon Hamm. On a more serious note, John Boyega stars in the gripping drama Breakupalso released this week on VOD after a theatrical release in August.

In queen of gloryactress Nana Mensah (who previously starred in Netflix’s The chair) wrote, directed and starred in this emotionally realistic comedy about life, death and loss. Mensah plays Sarah, the daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, who returns to her childhood home in the Bronx after her mother’s death. As she contemplates dealing with the problems left by her mother, including closing the Christian bookstore her mother ran, she meditates on her heritage, her role as the daughter of immigrants. Although she always felt like she was caught between two worlds, she finally realizes that she doesn’t have to give up one and only exist in the other.

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I think to restore some balance to the world, we all need more Jon Hamm. The actor is famous for playing serious, between his role in Top Gun: Maverick and Don Draper, he knows how to turn up the intensity, but he’s so good at slipping up that he’s a natural fit to reprise the role of Fletch, the quick-witted reporter who often finds himself mired in business. complicated, usually illegal, situations. Hamm said he’s not trying to emulate Chevy Chase’s version of Fletch, so today we can finally see what he brings to the table in this new tale of Fletch, which co-stars Hamm. Mad Men partner in crime, John Slattery, as well as Marcia Gay Harden, Annie Mumolo and Roy Wood, Jr.

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Breakup stars John Boyega in the true story of ex-Marine Brian Brown-Easley who held a group of bank clerks hostage in order to steal a sum of money the VA withheld from him. It’s a film with a tense urgency and all the makings of an action thriller, but at its core is a message, the tragic story of a desperate man who has reached his limit and has no more hope. options in life. The film also marks one of the last roles of Michael K. Williams, who died last year; he plays hostage negotiator Eli Bernard.

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