Delhi Crime Season 2 at Criminal Justice Adhura Sach, 10 new movies and shows releasing this Friday, August 26 on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and more

Your new Friday release slate is here and there are plenty of new movies and shows to keep you entertained throughout the weekend. Crime of Delhi Season 2 drops on Netflix and will transport you to the world of noir crime. We also have Pankaj Tripathi back with the new season of Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach on Disney+ Hotstar. Scroll down to check out the list of new movies and shows releasing this Friday on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, BookMyShow Stream and more.

Delhi Crime Season 2 to Criminal Judge Adhura Sach, 10 new movies and shows dropping this Friday, August 26 on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and more

1. Delhi Crime Season 2 – Netflix

The international Emmy award-winning series finally returns and takes you on another thrilling crime story where a gang targets and brutally kills elderly people. As the death rate rises, the police are unable to find the culprit. The way DCP Vartika Chaturvedi solves the case this time makes it an interesting watch. Delhi crime season 2 features Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang and others.

2. Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach – Disney+ Hotstar

New movies and shows Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Lawyer Madhav Mishra returns with his spirit. The death of child actor Zara Ahuja has shaken the whole city and the main suspect is his brother Mukul. While all the evidence points to him possibly being guilty of the crime, his mother thinks otherwise and reaches out to Mishra to represent him. As the case takes twists and turns, Mishra tries to find the missing piece of the case, in order to know the truth.

3. Time for Me – Netflix

When a stay-at-home dad decides to have a good time with his Childhood best friend Huck, things take an unexpected turn that nearly ends their lives.

4. Dual – BookMyShow Stream

New movies and shows Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

In the future, Sara signs up for a clone when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, she is soon told that she will live and now wants the clone to go. However, the clone filed a petition to live. In order to regain her life, Sara must fight the court-mandated duel to the death that will decide her future.

5. Samaritan – Amazon Prime Video

Superhero Joe Smith AKA Samaritan gave up this life 25 years ago, making the world believe he is no more. Now working as a garbage collector, Joe sees the crime rate rising day by day and wonders if he did the right thing. Incidentally, his neighbor Sam, a teenager, discovers his true identity and urges him to find his Samaritan avatar.

7. Become Elizabeth – Lionsgate Play

A royal drama always makes for an intense and engaging watch. Dropping this Friday is yet another British Kingdom story. After Henry VIII’s death, his three children, Mary, Elizabeth and Edward, are thrown into the world of dangerous political games as Elizabeth leads the way in securing the throne.

8. Top Gun: Maverick – BookMyShow Feed

After a successful theatrical run, the film finally lands on the OTT. A 1986 film sequel Superior gunthe film shows Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell still trying to keep up with his promotion after 30 years and work as a test pilot.

9. Watch Season 3 – Apple TV+

Consisting of 8 episodes, the series is set in a dystopian future where humanity has lost its ability to see. The stakes are higher for Baba Voss because a Trivantian scientist has developed weapons that could destroy the world. Voss decides to return to his tribe and save the world.

10. Love on the Rock – BookMyShow Feed

Colton Riggs, an ex-cop, is in trouble when he accidentally gets his hands on a medical remedy – a serum that can cure illnesses. He soon finds himself being hunted down by an agent to get him back and falls in love with a woman in the process who is also trying to run away.

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