‘Drinkwater’ now online | News

A Penticton-made film that showcases the area’s natural beauty is now available online, but it’s not cheap.

“Drinkwater” can be streamed through the Whistler Film Festival website for $17.

The film, which was shot over a period of just 16 days in 2020 at iconic Penticton locations, was produced by Suitcase Charlie Films, whose chairman is Graham Fraser, owner of the Penticton Vees and former owner of Ironman Canada.

The film follows clumsy teenager Mike Drinkwater (Daniel Doheny, a Canadian actor best known for starring in “Adventures in Public School”) and his quirky father Hank (Eric McCormack of “Will & Grace”), who spends more time to try not to have

“Drinkwater” is based on a short film called “A Change of Pace” which was written and shot by Fraser and his friend, Mike Drinkwater, when they were in high school 40 years ago in Ontario.

According to a Dec. 3 review in The Georgia Straight, “Drinkwater” won’t win Best Picture at the Oscars…but it will give viewers a few hours of solid entertainment and gorgeous visuals.

“It could also give the City of Penticton a much-needed boost to its tourism industry. All things considered, that’s quite an achievement in the midst of a pandemic. »

Alfonso E. Cramer