Hustle Already Looks Better Than Adam Sandler’s Other Netflix Movies

While his recent Netflix offerings such as The Do-Over have been serviceable, Hustle already looks better than Adam Sandler’s other Netflix movies.

Despite only the briefest of glimpses, hustle already looks better than Adam Sandler’s other Netflix movies. Since 2016, Sandler and his production company Happy Madison have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with streaming giant Netflix, producing a series of hit goofy comedies, including The ridiculous 6, Do it again, Murder Mystery, hubie halloweenand Sandy Wexler. Yet Sandler’s latest project, a sports drama named hustlelooks set to top his other work on the platform to date.

First revealed via Netflix’s Shining Movie 2022 preview in February, hustle follows former basketball scout Stanley Beren (Adam Sandler), who tries to rebuild his career by bringing raw, generational talent from Madrid to play in the NBA. Netflix’s aforementioned 2022 teaser lets you take a look at five separate clips from hustleranging from the movie’s basketball workouts to an impassioned Beren giving an emotional speech to his rookie. We the animals‘ Jeremiah Zagar takes the director’s seat in Adam Sandler’s new film, while Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Ben Foster star.


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Yet even from the film’s limited amount of preview content, hustle already looks better than Adam Sandler’s other Netflix movies. hustle appears distinctly different from other Netflix productions of Happy Madison (and by extension Adam Sandler), taking on a more serious tone while finding humorous beats throughout its narrative run instead of delivering heartbreaking laughs from start to finish. . This more serious tone of film, and a more dramatic role to boot, is where Sandler’s best work has come from in recent years, which means hustle is already poised to top its other Netflix pricing.

Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems

While Sandler’s Netflix movies have undoubtedly been commercial successes, many have garnered abysmal critical reception. Murder Mystery, for example, was announced not only as Netflix’s most-watched film of 2019, but also as its most-streamed content in nine different countries that year. These huge streaming numbers did little to insulate Netflix Murder Mystery frosty responses from aggregators, however, with many critics lambasting Sandler’s comedy as a lighthearted and mediocre offering from the Happy Gilmore Star. This comment has become a theme in many Netflix Sandler movies that seem to do enough to pass as serviceable Sandler comedy while playing it emphatically safe.

By contrast, Adam Sandler’s recent projects outside of Netflix are much smaller and higher quality. The pinnacle of Sandler’s other turns is that of the Safdie brothers Uncut Gemswith Sandler’s earnest role steeped in comedic successes that earned him several prestigious year-end accolades and awards. hustlethe approach of initially appears much closer to Uncut Gems than Sandler’s recent Netflix films, with the 2022 teaser clip showing Beren passionately admonishing his mentee supporting the idea. Unlike Sandler’s undeniable success with his unique brand of Netflix late-night comedy, Uncut Gems shows that Sandler has real acting chops bubbling beneath the surface. hustleThe gritty sports-drama premise mixed with heartfelt cutscenes (and just a smattering of Sandler’s comedic charm) looks set to provide Sandler with a winning formula once again and make it his best Netflix movie yet.

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