INCANTATION (2022) Netflix Found Footage Horror Reviews

spell is a 2022 Taiwanese horror film about Li Ronan who was cursed after breaking a religious taboo six years ago. Now she must protect her daughter from the consequences of her actions. This found-feature film is, of course, inspired by a true story.

Directed and produced by Kevin Ko from a script co-written with Che-Wei Chang. Produced by Hsu-fen Yang.

The film stars Hsuan-yen Tsai, Ying-Hsuan Kao, Sean Lin, and Ching-Yu Wen.


“Overall, Ko injects Incantation with a lot of pathos and clever techniques for engagement, even if it remains prone to the pitfalls of the format. The constant, abrupt shifts between past and present lead to uneven pacing in the stretches, and scares rarely land for those familiar with the subgenre. 2.5 out of 5, bloody disgusting

“…you barely have time to catch your breath before the next spooky oddity arrives […] Ko’s work doesn’t suffer from exposition either, a welcome change from horrors that get derailed by trying to explain everything, even if that means certain references and plot points get lost too easily in the process. There really is no letting up on the pace of the film…” Andrew Heskins, Eastern Kicks


“Director Kevin Ko mesmerizes viewers, expecting us not only to act as witnesses, but also to surely accept the meticulously orchestrated religious vision. Nonetheless, the film twists at the end, turning blessing into damnation. , altering the exorcism into a conjuration, delivering a fatal blow to the viewer. Therefore, Incantation operates on the cognition of the viewers, creating an endless sequel of creepy Zijiao Zhu, oriental kicks

“Honestly, I didn’t expect much other than to be entertained. However, Kevin Ko manages to really engage the audience. You care about the characters, which is the key to getting us hooked on the story! horror paradise

spell is gruesome, mysterious, and everything horror movie fans will appreciate. It will make you want to watch the worst reality TV around, if only to forget the trauma of this film. Very pleasant and extremely traumatic. 5 out of 5, Leisure Byte

spell is a horror mystery that wants to channel the ring by decreasing the viral spread of the disease. The reasoning behind the evil is different, but Ruo-nan wanting to lead towards viral support through the problems goes through here […] The film uses found footage, which captures the magic of the tension-riddled concept. spell is filled with nerve-wracking tension. 4 out of 5 Stars, Movie Reviews 101

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