Look Both Ways is one of the best Netflix movies this year – The Central Trend

I had just finished a movie with my sister and her best friend when suddenly I was wonderfully alone. That’s when I lit Look both ways and settled into my couch with a thick, fluffy blanket around me.

Look both ways has a very original plot. It follows a graduate student, Natalie, played by Lili Reinhart. Natalie plans to go to Los Angeles, USA right after graduation to pursue work in digital art. On the night of her graduation, she is at a big party and ends up taking a pregnancy test. At this point, her life splits and we look at what would happen if Natalie was pregnant and what if she wasn’t. This plot was so entertaining and new that I was completely engaged throughout the film, despite the fact that it was late, and I probably should have slept.

My only complaint about the plot would be that it was confusing at times. At first, especially, it was hard to tell which Natalie they were focusing on. This was corrected later when they had the different Natalies in different colors, the pregnant Natalie in blue and the other Natalie wearing pink. This ultimately helped clear up my confusion on this part, but there were also times when I was lost, due to the timeline. It was almost impossible for me to tell when it all happened, I still don’t know how many years the film covers. Those are the only two negatives I found in the movie, and I find I can’t be too bothered by them because I enjoyed everything else in the movie so much.

One of the many things I loved was the characters. The main character was played perfectly by Reinhart; the difference between the two Natalies was small, but distinguishable, because of Reinhart’s wonderful acting. Pregnant Natalie hid her emotions better than the other Natalie, and Pregnant Natalie put her daughter and others above her in a more visible way than her LA version. I particularly appreciate the distinction between them, as it helped me later in the film to figure out which Natalie I was looking at.

Another character I enjoyed, but didn’t captivate, was pregnant Natalie’s love interest: Gabe (Danny Ramirez). He was also the father of Natalie’s baby. I couldn’t find anything to criticize with Danny’s acting, but his character was boring. He was only there to be in love and had no personality traits besides being in a band and being in love with Natalie. I have the same issue with Natalie’s non-pregnant love interest, Jake, who is played by David Corenswet. I have nothing to say for the actor because his character was so boring, he really had nothing to play with. He was slightly less annoying than Gabe, as he focused on his career and was sarcastic, but he was an aspiring director and in love with Natalie, and that’s all his personality entailed. There was another character who thankfully wasn’t lifeless and boring.

Natalie’s best friend in both lives is Cara, played by Aisha Dee. She was lively, energetic and bursting with personality, which was extremely refreshing. In both lives, she supported and was there for her friend while accomplishing her own goals and ambitions. She was kind, sarcastic, loud and had incredible style.

Natalie’s best friend in both lives is Cara, played by Aisha Dee, she was lively, energetic and bursting with personality, which was extremely refreshing.

Now I’m not a fashion person, but I enjoyed the style in Look both ways without understanding fashion myself. Like I said earlier, putting the Natalies in different colors helped set them apart, and I loved every outfit of the two. I also loved the originality of Cara’s outfits; she always seemed outgoing without sounding outrageous. The outfits the characters were put in weren’t a big focal point, but I did notice that each helped show off their personality in a small way. Even the boring love interest outfits had something to do with their boring personalities, but Gabe usually wore a band t-shirt, and Jake usually wore a sweater or plain long sleeve. That’s just another aspect of the movie that I loved.

Look both ways is a creative film that I’m delighted to have been executed in a way that the originality of the plot and the amazing actors deserve.

Alfonso E. Cramer