Movies and series coming in April 2022

Every month, Netflix expands its library with a bunch of new and old offerings. Often it’s a matter of rights clearance, whereby the streaming giant will grab the rights to a TV must-have, a collection of movies or other content, all of which contribute to the very real epidemic of decision fatigue.

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In April 2022, Netflix added several original movies and series and at least one instance of a masterfully crafted network series, making it now as enjoyable a time as any to sit back and watch until let the cows come home. From family fare to darker, more adult-oriented media, April is a good month to hang out with Netflix.

ten Better Call Saul – Series (Available Now)

Better Call Saul - TV

The Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman) saga begins its 13-episode home stretch on AMC on April 18. For those who haven’t watched yet You better call Saul or those who want to revisit the phenomenal breaking Bad prequel, Netflix has finally added season 5 to its service.

Season 5 goes deeper into the heart of darkness, where Jimmy has a reverse Midas touch that seems to destroy everything around him, including his brother and partner, Kim Wexler. In the twisted origin tale, Jimmy finally kisses Saul. Also introduced in Season 5 is Lalo, an individual wrecking ball who seems to defy human logic with extraordinary abilities.

Metal Lords

Written by DB Weiss, one half of the duo that brought The iron Throne on the screen, Metal Lords tells the story of two teenagers who find solace in heavy metal music. Together, they decide to start a band to win their school’s Battle of the Bands contest. The problem? How to recruit other people for their mission.

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With a premise that looks like school of rock, people can expect the usual misunderstandings, the trials of being young, and finding their identity through the power of music. The film is directed by Peter Sollett, who is attached to an upcoming film adaptation of Minecraft.

8 Choose or Die – Film (April 15)

Choose or Die - Movie

In what seems to be the hottest new trend in mainstream movies, Netflix is ​​adding another entry into the game of death genre, in which a person or group stumbles upon a game (whether oujia, Truth or Dare), and subsequently reaps the reward of having to fight for its survival. In the last iteration of this formula, choose or diea young college student starts an 80s video game in an attempt to win $100,000.

As expected, things don’t work out and she and a friend find themselves way over their heads. freddieRobert Englund is a cast member, which has to count for something.

7 Nightcrawler – Movie (April 10)

Diablo - Movie

2014 Somnambulist (the directorial debut of screenwriter Dan Gilroy) stars an emaciated, wild-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom, a stringer who stays up all night and shoots exploitative footage which he then sells to local news outlets. Lou will stop at nothing to get the perfect shot and breaks various personal and social codes of conduct in doing so.

The relentless pursuit of footage leads Lou through increasingly risky scenarios and eventually puts him on a collision course with criminals and a potential blackmailer. This fascinating look at the ethics of ambulance chaser photojournalism is particularly poignant these days, as reporting on the scene has only been augmented by social media.

6 Anatomy of a Scandal – Series (April 15)

Anatomy of a Scandal - TV

In the Prestige Drama category, creator, writer and developer of nearly every TV show Doogie Howser for big little lies returns to the fray with a tabloid-inspired court drama titled Anatomy of a Scandal. The series is based on the critically acclaimed fictional novel of the same name by Sarah Vaughan and stars Rupert Friend and Sienna Miller.

When a disturbing secret is revealed, the perfect domestic life of a parliamentary minister begins to unravel. The 6-episode series should conclude its story by the end of its run, leaving room for the anthology series to continue other stories in a similar medium.

5 Russian Doll – Series (April 20)

Russian doll s2 - TV

In an age of endless streaming options, one would be forgiven for forgetting that Netflix’s 2019 series Russian doll had to come back. The long-awaited, then forgotten sequel to the critically acclaimed first season will continue to follow Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia Vulvokov, but where the series can go from Season 1’s stellar ending is anyone’s guess.

Lyonne, who co-created, co-produced, directed, starred and is involved in various other aspects of pre- and post-production is taking over season 2 as showrunner, replacing Leslye Headland who is likely busy working on the next one. star wars series The Acolyte for Disney+.

4 Ozark – Series (April 29)

Ozark s4pt2 - Television

Netflix’s Critically Acclaimed Slow Motion ozark returns for its final batch of seven episodes to wrap up the 4th season. The show follows Clan Byrde’s journey from a light money laundering operation to something much more complex and sinister. The final handful of episodes before the hiatus saw Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney) deal with some serious cartel-related drama, all culminating in an act of violence that had a direct impact on the crew of Ruth (played by Julia Garner).

The final seven episodes are sure to provide twists, turns, jaw-dropping moments, and maybe some fun facts about how to launder money.

3 Grace and Frankie – Series (April 29)

Gracie and Frankie s7 - Television

Netflix’s longest running show, Grace and Frankie returns to conclude its 7th season. The dramatic comedy follows two octogenarians following the very sudden and unexpected announcement that their two respective partners were leaving them (for each other!). The show has come a long way from its initial premise, following the dynamic duo’s various trials and tribulations as they navigate life, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness.

Four of the Season 7 episodes were released in August 2021, and the final 12 will wrap up their story. It was also announced that Dolly Parton was locked up for an appearance, making this series a full-fledged reunion for the two leads and their former 9-5 teammate.

2 The Bubble – Movie (Available Now)

The Bubble - Movie

by Judd Apatow The bubble is the story of a group of actors who, during the first days of the pandemic, are quarantined and isolated from society, and more or less held hostage in an upscale English hotel where they work on a film. The movie-within-the-movie is Cliff Beasts 6 – one in a long line of ever-worse big-budget sci-fi adventure movies – turns out to be a disaster, so they each try, in their own way. , to deal with isolation and horrible producers.

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The bubble includes, among others, David Duchovny, Leslie Mann, Keegan-Michael Key and Pedro Pascal. Several celebrities also appear in minor roles, but mostly via video chat windows.

1 Bubble – Film (April 28)

Bubble (anime) - Movie

Bubble, not to be confused with the similarly named Judd Apatow film, tells the story of an alternate version of Tokyo in which a shower of bubbles has cut off the country’s capital from the rest of the world. In this iteration of Tokyo, a group of young people, who have lost contact with their families, come together to engage in parkour-like risky behavior.

A wrong move sends Hibiki into the world of bubbles. There he is rescued by Uta, a girl with mysterious powers. Together they try to find the source of a sound that could offer society the salvation it needs.

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