Movies and series coming in July 2022

Despite the almost constant word that the world of Netflix is ​​doomed, the streaming giant shows no signs of slowing down production. July sees the service dropping several major properties that are sure to have fans glued to their couches for the heat waves to come.

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With the revitalized live-action adaptation of a popular video game franchise and the return of their most popular series of all time, Netflix is ​​going to be the talk of the town all summer long. Plus, new horror movies, true crime docs, and cartoons are going to be sprinkled throughout the month.

ten The Dirty Dozen is the Best Man on a Mission Movie – 7/1

by Robert Aldrich The Dirty Dozen from 1967 is the greatest “man on a mission” movie of all time. It tells the story of a top-secret government mission to assassinate several senior German officials just before D-Day. The mission, however, guarantees certain death for anyone who takes part in it.

So who would agree to go there? Well, a bunch of death row inmates and prisoners with nothing to lose. Lee Marvin plays the Major who is tasked with making sure the attack goes off without a hitch. Ernest Borgnine, John Cassavetes, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown and Telly Savalas make up the majority of the all-star cast.

9 The Talented Mr. Ripley Is a Gripping Story of Identity and Murder – 7/1

Next to Todd Haynes Carolthe 1999 version of The Talented Mr. Ripley is the best adaptation of a novel by Patricia Highsmith. The film follows Tom Ripley (Matt Damon), a conniving con man who can sneak into just about any situation.

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As such, he finds himself scouring Italy in search of Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law), a man who simply refuses to return home and spends his days and nights partying. It’s the ideal lifestyle, and Ripley takes a liking to the guy. However, there are more insidious intentions behind Ripley’s actions.

8 Natural Born Killers deconstructs the American dream through the eyes of killers – 7/1

From a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino (although major changes have been widely reported), and directed by Oliver Stone, born killers is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to its subject matter. The film tells the story of a couple of serial killers, played by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis, whose criminal spree devastates the American dream.

Killers takes a sardonic look at the proceedings and has an ironic quality to it. However, the film is still deeply disturbing and a nightmarish vision of anarchy.

seven Boogie Nights is an epic about a group of adult film stars – 7/1

boogie nights is an essential work of American cinema. Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece tells the story of a future adult film star, whose rise and fall are carefully charted throughout the film’s long run. Along the way, he creates a newfound family of outcasts, wannabes, stars, and starlets.

The film has an epic scope, but still has a finger on the pulse of the emotional driving forces behind each character. For those who have yet to see this excellent film, July is the best time to launch it.

6 Catch Me If You Can remains one of the most charming films of all time – 7/1

The fictionalized account of the true story of Frank Abagnale, by Steven Spielberg Catch Me If You Can is a thrill from start to finish. The story follows the aforementioned Frank, as he grows from a child with an innate talent for swindling into one of the most sought-after figures in the United States.

Not only are the various incidents and events fascinating (given their real-world basis), but the film maintains a deep sense that deep down, Frank is just a human being who wants to be loved.

5 Uncle From Another World is a weird anime for those who want something different – 7/6

Between current versions of more than one more One Piece seasons and a litany of other anime properties, Netflix occasionally releases something new. July sees the streaming giant add Uncle from another worldsomething decidedly different for those who want to be surprised.

The anime series tells the story of Takafumi, whose uncle has been in a coma for 17 years. Upon awakening, the uncle speaks an incomprehensible language and has several magical abilities. The anime will also have strong comedic elements, as Takafumi has to catch up with his uncle abreast of contemporary world events.

4 DB Cooper: Where are you? ! is the true story of a notorious criminal – 7/13

DB Cooper is not his real name, but in 1971 he hijacked a plane and got away with a bag full of cash. Last seen parachuting, Cooper’s identity has still not been discovered, although people have their suspicions.

The true crime case is the subject of Netflix’s new documentary series, DB Cooper: Where are you? ! The 50-year journey to find out who DB Cooper is remains one of the most intriguing mysteries, and I hope the series brings new details to light.

3 Resident Evil Makes Its Live-Action Series Debut – 7/14

Based on the immensely popular and influential video game series of the same name, resident Evil is finally coming to Netflix. No, not the Milla Jovovich films, but a whole new series that will reset the timeline. The show will be set in its own universe, but will still draw heavily on the plot of the video game franchise.

Additionally, events will occur on two timelines, with the discovery of strange experiments in Raccoon City, and years later, after the end of the world has already begun.

2 Umma Shows Sandra Oh Haunted by Her Mother’s Ghost – 7/16

Hot from Kill Eve‘s finale, and the excellent underrated series, The chairSandra Oh finds herself in a new horror movie premiering on Netflix.

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Ouma is about a mother and daughter whose rural existence is challenged by the presence of a ghost. The ghost happens to be a relative, but that doesn’t bode well for the characters. The film has received mixed responses so far, but for those in a scary mood, Umma might do the trick.

1 Stranger Things is back to finish what it started – 7/1

What can be said of stranger things hasn’t that already been said? Every time a new season comes out, it’s like the whole world has an opinion about what’s going on around Hawkins, Indiana. With season 4 vol. 1’s introduction to Vecna, this new facility will bring some closure to the narrative (but who knows how long the villain will stick around).

With the inability of Eleven and co. to avoid trouble and the pervasive feeling that something bad is going to happen, vol. 2 could see major character deaths.

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