Netflix movies: Top 10 premieres for summer 2022

The recent pandemic has seen cinemas temporarily shut down, forcing filmmakers to innovate. The result has been an increase in direct streaming movies. Audiences missed the theatrical experience, but quickly got used to watching new releases from the comfort of their homes. The positive viewer response to direct-to-stream releases has spawned a new trend: popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have begun releasing a fuller lineup of original and exclusive films. Although cinemas have since reopened, the streaming trend shows no signs of slowing down. In 2021, Netflix has been churning out new movies at a staggering rate, and summer 2022 will continue that momentum. Netflix subscribers can expect summer movies from virtually every genre, featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Netflix’s summer lineup will include comedies, dramas, documentaries, and even an animated movie or two, with more potential titles to come.

10. Hustle is a classic underdog story

Hustle stars Adam Sandler as a failed basketball scout who finds new talent overseas. The talent he finds is a street basketball player, and they face an uphill battle to prove they’ve got what it takes. It’s a feel-good underdog story – the perfect kind of film for the summer season. The sports drama also stars Queen Latifah and was produced by the team of Lebron James and Adam Sandler. Hustle premieres on Netflix on June 8 and will also be in select theaters.

9. Halftime is a documentary about J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez Half time

Music biopics are having a moment right now, and Jennifer Lopez is getting in on the action. half time is a factual documentary — not a dramatized narrative — and features Jennifer Lopez herself. The film focuses on Lopez’s life so far and discusses what’s on the horizon for the megastar. The documentary will debut at the Tribecca Film Festival in June. Fans of “Jenny from the block” can then watch the documentary on Netflix from June 14.

8. Civil Details The Life of an Influential Lawyer

civil netflix

Another great summer movie showing this year is Civil, a documentary about Benjamin Crump. Crump is a high-profile civil rights attorney who advocates for social justice for African Americans. Crump’s life story is inspiring and the film focuses on the impact he has had on the American justice system during his career thus far. Additionally, the film features Crump himself, who will partly tell the story of his own life to the audience. Civil premieres on Netflix on June 19.

7. Spiderhead is an exciting sci-fi thriller

Netflix spider head

Chris Hemsworth is a avengers favorite, but fans will also love him as Steve Abnesti in Spider head. This long-awaited thriller combines psychedelic drugs with the extremely compelling experience of living in a maximum security prison. The story was inspired by Escape from Spiderhead, written by George Saunders. The film’s creators also drew inspiration from 1970s thrillers. The film’s release date was a mystery for quite a while, but it will now premiere on June 17.

6. Persuasion tells a Jane Austen story

Netflix persuasion

Persuasion stars Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot, a Victorian woman who gets a second chance at love. Cosmo Jarvis and Henry Golding star alongside Johnson. The basis of the film is the novel of the same name by Jane Austen, written before her death. The film captures the satisfying romance of the novel. Period pieces have become very popular in recent years, so there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this film. Persuasion will be available to stream on July 15.

5. The Gray Man is Netflix’s most expensive movie

The gray man

Action thrillers are perfect summer movies, and The gray man keeps that promise. The gray man is based on a thriller novel by Mark Greaney and features many familiar faces. Romantic comedy favorite Ryan Gosling and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, play a freelance assassin and his CIA counterpart. Men have the mission to destroy each other. The film would be the most expensive Netflix Original ever made. The film debuts on July 22.

4. Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie Combines Netflix And Nickelodeon

TMNT Netflix Summer Movie

Netflix’s lineup of summer movies certainly promises plenty of variety, including this animated flick. Nickelodeon Studios and Netflix have teamed up to bring TMNT fans this new installment in the Turtles saga. Fans can expect colorful entertainment from Nickelodeon. The film follows the television series of the same name and has been in high demand among fans. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie premieres on Netflix on August 5.

3. Day Shift is a comedy vampire movie

Day Shift Netflix, Summer Movies

Horror comedies are always fun to watch, and Day shift is no exception. Jamie Foxx stars as an ordinary man who finds himself in an unbelievably horrifying situation. Foxx’s character works hard to support her daughter by running her own pool cleaning business. However, the pool cleaning business is mostly just a front for his real work as a vampire hunter. The film also stars Snoop Dogg and Dave Franco. This hilarious summer movie will be released on August 12.

2. The Toronto man has a star-studded cast The Man From Toronto, Summer Movies

Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart form a genius comedy duo in The man from Toronto. The film is about a case of mistaken identity, with Kevin Hart hiring an assassin (Harrelson) to help clear things up. Comedic actress Kaley Cuoco rounds out the starring role. Netflix acquired the film rights from Sony Pictures. The film won’t premiere on Netflix until August 12, so fans will have to wait a little longer to get a laugh at this promising comedy.

1. Me Time Is A Zany Dad Comedy

Me Time Netflix, Summer Movies

Mark Wahlberg and comedian Kevin Hart team up in me time, an over-the-top comedy about a stay-at-home dad and his best friend. The pair embark on a childless, action-packed, nearly life-changing weekend of laughs and misadventures. The trailers for the film are looking very promising so far, and fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of this film at the end of the summer. The official Netflix release date is set for August 26, starting now.

Alfonso E. Cramer