Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and More

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer for most people, which means if you like to party or chill all day, whatever you’re doing, you need to turn it up to eleven. . And speaking of making the jump to Eleven…this weekend is also your chance to watch one of the most anticipated shows of the year, the new season of stranger things.

But of course, that’s just one of many things dropping this week, so whether you’re using Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or all of the above, there’s a tonne of high-quality movies and shows on your favorite streaming platforms to discover. If Millie Bobby Brown and the Upside Down (personal note: possible new band name) aren’t your thing, let us here at Decider help you figure out what to watch this weekend and where. broadcast it.

New movies and shows to stream this weekend: stranger things, Obi Wan Kenobiand Look at me: XXXTentacion

It’s been over three years since we’ve seen the kids from Hawkins, Indiana and despite the fact that they aren’t really kids anymore, they still bring the excitement and spooky fun to stranger things on Netflix. The first seven episodes of this two-part season 4 will all be released this Friday on the streamer. Not to be outdone, Disney+ is also releasing the first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Friday. The series reunites Ewan McGregor as the titular Jedi Master with his star wars prequels co-star Hayden Christensen, who returns as Jedi-turned-Sith, Darth Vader. And on Hulu there is Look at me: XXXTentacion Want to hear more about these highlights and the rest of the weekend’s stellar lineup? Check out the rest of the hit titles new to streaming this weekend below:

New to Netflix May 27: stranger things Season 4: Volume 1

Season three of stranger things introduced us to new cast members like Maya Hawke’s Ice Cream, Robin, and Paul Reiser as the mysterious Dr. Owens (remember when he showed up!?) and we wondered if Eleven was really stripped of his powers, and who could be the mysterious prisoner called “the American” in a Russian prison. Season four, which is new to Netflix this week, seeks to answer some of our lingering questions from last season, while also posing a whole bunch of new ones as well. These new episodes also mark the return of Brett Gelman as conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman, and new faces like Robert Englund (that’s Freddy Krueger in case you didn’t know), who gets into the fun meta- 80s horror.

Flow stranger things Season 4: Volume 1 on Netflix

New to Hulu on May 27: Look at me: XXXTentacion

Look at me: XXXTentacion, which chronicles the life and death of a rising music star is new to Hulu this weekend. Jahseh Onfroy was just 20 when he was murdered, and he made as many headlines for his violent behavior as he did for his music in his short life, but in this Hulu Original documentary, his tumultuous life is further examined. closely thanks to the participation of his mother and other close friends of his.

Flow Look at me: XXXTentacion on Hulu

New on Disney+ on May 27: Obi Wan Kenobi

star wars fans are patiently waiting Obi Wan Kenobi, which is new to Disney Plus this Friday. The limited series looks like something from the crown jewel of all star wars series that were made for the streamer (don’t get me wrong, I kinda love myself Mando and Boba, but having Obi-Wan and Darth Vader together is almost as exciting as when the original Real world cast reunited for Back home Last year). Obi Wan Kenobi will surely be one of the best shows to watch this weekend if you need something to talk about during your backyard barbecue.

Full list of new movies and shows streaming this weekend

The options above only scratch the surface, so you know that this weekend’s full lineup will have some amazing options for what to watch this weekend! For the full list of the best movies and shows to stream now, or if you’re still not sure what to stream this weekend, check out the full list below:

New on Netflix – Full List

Release Thursday May 19

Insiders: Season 2 * NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes weekly)
My Little Pony: Make Your Mark *NETFLIX FAMILY
Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series: Part 3 *NETFLIX FAMILY

Coming Friday May 27

Stranger Things 4: Volume 1 * NETFLIX SERIES

New on Hulu – Full List

Release Thursday May 26th

A taste of hunger (2021)
Look at me: XXXTentacion (2022) (Hulu Original)
Chef: Season 12 premiere (FOX)
The Great American Tag Sale with Martha Stewart: Series premiere (ABC)

Coming Friday May 27

shoresy: Series premiere (Hulu Original)

Released on Sunday May 29

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Entertainment District Arc: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED) (Funimation)
Intrigo: death of an author (2018)

New to Amazon Prime Video – Full List

Coming Friday May 27

Emergency (2022)
Kick like Tayla (2022)

New on Disney+ – Full List

Coming Friday May 27

Bad Boys
D. Wade: An Unexpected Life
Hubble’s cosmic journey
Mission Pluto
Obi Wan Kenobi – Premiere in 2 episodes: Parts I and II *Disney+ Original
We feed people (Premiere) *Disney+ Original

New on HBO Max – Full List

Release Thursday May 26th

That fucking Michael CheMax Original Season 2 Premiere
Tig and SeekMax Original Season 4 Premiere

Coming Friday May 27

Blippi: Learn with Blippi
Blippi Special
Blippi Tours
Blippi Wonders
GhostsSeason 1
GhostsSeason 2
Stath rents apartments

Released on Sunday May 29

The misery indexSeason 3 Part B, 2021

New to Starz – Full List

Released on Sunday May 29

A newspaper for Jordan
Gas lighting – Episode 106

New to Showtime – Full List

Release Thursday May 26th

Florence Foster Jenkins

Alfonso E. Cramer