Netflix’s Trending Movies and Shows on October 20, 2022

To find yourself in the Netflix Top 10, sometimes all you need is the casting of a few A-listers, including The School of Good and Evil the cast is packed. So, it’s no wonder the YA fantasy novel adaptation starring Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington found a spot among the big movies on Netflix’s trending page just a day after its debut. There’s also new and intriguing activity among the hottest and best TV shows on Netflix, so let’s take a closer look at what people watch the most on Netflix. (opens in a new tab) for Thursday, October 20, 2022 in today’s breakdown.

The cast of The School for Good and Evil

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the US – October 20, 2022

Topping the pack of Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the US are a trio of new original films from the platform – The School of Good and Evil, The Curse of Bridge Hollowand The luckiest girl in the world — as Josh Duhamel Blackout drops to fourth place above Unspeakable Dracula. The 2021 hit animated musical, Sing 2, also went down a single peg, bringing it closer to another sequel from Illumination Entertainment – ​​the second in the Despicable Me movies – while another animated favorite – non-comic book-inspired superhero movie, Megamind – sits between them. Last seen in ninth place was Last seen alivewhich now completes the bottom under the direction of Zac Efron 17 again.

  • 1. The School of Good and Evil
  • 2. The Curse of Bridge Hollow
  • 3. The luckiest girl in the world
  • 4. Failure
  • 5. Dracula Untold
  • 6. Sing 2
  • 7. Megamind
  • 8. Despicable Me 2
  • 9. 17 again
  • 10. Last Seen Alive

nick and danielle looking happy on love is blind after the altar

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Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix in the US – October 20, 2022

There are four exclusives topping the pack on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows in the US, namely The Observer, Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storythe last season of Love is blind entering the ranks, and the last tome of the platform Unsolved mysteries to restart. In fact, there are only three non-exclusives on the list today – namely the United States The fisherman in fifth place, NBC The blacklist at number eight, and hit the children’s program Cocomelon re-enter the ranks today at the bottom. Meanwhile, Gabriel Iglesias’ new stand-up special Soft Stage and participate in the reality competition The mole stay in sixth and ninth while The Midnight Club fell just a few ankles.

  • 1. The Observer
  • 2. Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
  • 3. Love is blind
  • 4. Unsolved Mysteries
  • 5. The Sinner
  • 6. Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy
  • 7. The Midnight Club
  • 8. The Blacklist
  • 9. The Mole
  • 10. Cocomelon

There will be more laugh-out-loud specials – like Fortune Feimster’s Chancewhich drops on Tuesday – plus more spooky content for the Halloween season to check out – like Guillermo del Toro’s new anthology horror series, Cabinet of Curiosities, which comes out the same day. So be sure to keep an eye on the Netflix TV show schedule and hit up that Netflix subscription when they become available and come back here to see how well they did in the Netflix Top 10 in a future breakdown. daily.

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Alfonso E. Cramer