New movies from Netflix about poker, blackjack and casinos

Gambling is one of the vices of mankind that has existed since ancient times and has evolved in various forms over time. Gambling involves both winning and losing money, and the potential to lose money is sure to breed despair, an impulse that underlies a host of other vices. Filmmakers have been dealing with individual vices for a long time, because most conflicts we see in film plots have something to do with someone’s vices. After all, what is gambling if not a manifestation of greed, one of the seven deadly sins? New offers like Canada casino no deposit bonus 2022 help customers bet more.

Many films have been created on bets, several of which have significantly marked the history of cinema. Some films are about casinos, others about poker. So here’s a list of some of the best Netflix gaming movies you can watch right now.

  • win it all
  • 21
  • Without links
  • The player
  • ocean eleven

win it all

“Win It All” debuted on South by Southwest before being released on Netflix. Eddie (Jake Johnson) is a gambling addict who supports himself by working as a valet. He can’t break the habit and even seeks help from a therapist to overcome his addiction. Eddie is suddenly confronted by Michael, a local thug who throws a bag at him and asks him to secure it. Michael even offers Eddie a ten thousand dollar bounty if he leaves it to him and doesn’t look inside. Michael runs after saying this, and we later learn that he has been imprisoned. Eddie, unable to suppress his excitement, opens the bag to discover several tools and a large amount of cash inside.

Probably the product of a hold-up by Michael. Eddie opens the bag and begins betting with the money despite his adviser’s repeated warnings, losing most of it. Eddie worries that Michael will commit if the money isn’t paid back the same amount initially.

Johnson’s outstanding performance is the finest platitude in this film, produced by Joe Swanberg, who also edited it. Critics also praised the film.

21 (2008)

Gambling is something students should avoid at all costs, no matter how talented they are. But sadly, that’s what ’21’ protagonist Ben Campbell should have believed in himself. The plot centers on Ben, a brilliant student who cannot enroll in Harvard Medical School due to a lack of funds. Ben bumps into an MIT professor named Micky Rosa as he urgently searches for the money (Kevin Spacey).

Rosa is blown away by Ben’s mathematical prowess and invites him to join a blackjack team he has put together with bright, fresh brains like Ben. The trio travel to Las Vegas, where they earn a lot of money. However, too much gambling causes Ben to neglect his college education, causing him to fall behind.

Later, after losing a large amount of money in a game, he gets into a fight with Rosa. To make matters worse, someone has deduced that the new group of players is useless. Even though it garnered mostly negative reviews, this movie is a lot of fun to watch.

Without Limits (2011)

While this film isn’t specifically about gambling, it’s worth including because it helps explore a different kind of gambling: one in which we engage with our own lives. Eddie Morra is a struggling author who seems incapable of doing anything good. His connection with his girlfriend is on the rocks and he doesn’t know what to do. Eddie then meets Vernon, his ex-brother-in-law, who delivers him a narcotic called NZT-48. This drug improves cognitive abilities and makes them considerably sharper than they would otherwise be. Eddie locates Vernon’s supply but learns that many people who have used the substance have died from it. On the other hand, Eddie risks his life for more extraordinary brain abilities.

Meanwhile, he begins to invest his profits effectively and catches the eye of a billionaire, Carl, who seeks Eddie’s advice on a big business he is about to start.

Meanwhile, Eddie is followed by a creepy stranger he doesn’t recognize. Eddie is in serious danger since he is the only one who possesses a large quantity of the highly sought-after narcotic. Bradley Cooper portrays Eddie and Robert De Niro portrays Carl. The film is a total entertainer that asks the viewer an essential question: how much of your life are you willing to risk success?

The Player (2014)

In “The Gambler”, Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett, a teacher who likes to gamble. However, because he comes from a wealthy family, Jim is reckless and loses far more money than he can handle. As a result, he finds himself in hot water with a loan shark and a massive underground casino owner. These individuals are naturally outright criminals who will not hesitate to murder Jim or his family if the money is not returned. Meanwhile, Jim develops a crush on Amy, one of his students who is a good student and works part-time in the underground casino.

Jim has one last chance to save himself and his loved ones as his debts continue to mount. “The Gambler” was a big hit at the box office. Critics particularly praised Jessica Lange’s portrayal as Jim’s mother. Even Brie Larson’s portrayal of Amy amazed everyone. They offer bonuses to attract a large number of customers.

Ocean’s Eleven 2001

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts lead an incredible cast. The picture was a significant economic success and received considerable critical acclaim. Clooney plays Danny Ocean, a criminal genius who is intent on robbing the best big casinos with his team during his parole: the MGM Grand, the Mirage and the Bellagio.

His buddy Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) is the first person he meets and hires professionals to complete the task. Ocean has another reason for committing the theft but prefers to keep it hidden. The film depicts the inner workings of the world’s biggest casinos, including how they function and are operated like a machine. The group must overcome several difficulties to loot these places in this real life drama.

Casino (1995)

“Casino,” Martin Scorsese’s final collaboration with Robert De Niro before “The Irishman,” is a one-of-a-kind image that exposes the Las Vegas scene of the 1960s and 1970s. Sam “Ace” Rothstein, played by De Niro, is a mob partner who owns and operates a sprawling casino in Las Vegas. Sam has a brutal and cunning thief sidekick named Nicky (masterfully played by Jose Pesci). The video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how Vegas operated in the past and how the mob laundered its money. “Casino”, one of Scorsese’s most interesting films, is a must-see for his lovers.

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