New movies to stream from home this week: ‘Not Deal’ and more

There is a content notice at the beginning of “Not good“, a lightly amusing satire of influencer culture and, as its young protagonist puts it, the desire “to be so badly noticed that no matter how”: “This film contains flashing lights, themes of trauma and a unlikable female protagonist.” And all of this is true. But how little sympathy Zoey Deutch’s Danni Sanders – a superficial, aspiring New York writer who gets a reward after claiming to witness and survive a terrorist attack in Paris simply to garner “likes” on the social media – isn’t that bad (probably tongue-in-cheek warning). Yes, Danni is a massive jerk, but Deutch (“The Outfit”) lets us imagine what could have taken his character to such an extreme. (She’s 27 and virtually invisible in the magazine she works for, aptly called Depravity). Trivializing the real trauma experienced by members of a support group Danni joins — including Mia Isaac’s Rowan, a high school student who lost her sister in a school shooting — makes Danni an unkind person, sure. But she’s still less boring than, say, her co-worker Colin (a delightfully vapid, superficial Dylan O’Brien with a bleach-blonde buzz cut). The film, which is organized into chapters, ends with a titled “I don’t get a redemption arc.” It’s a warning that, I must say, made me smile. A. Available on Hulu. Contains foul language throughout, drug use and some sexuality. 102 minutes.

Alfonso E. Cramer