New on Netflix: New movies and shows the week of October 3

What’s new on Netflix, you ask? Well, this week’s Netflix new releases show just how much the service is aiming for variety. So to prepare you until this weekend’s new movies and shows drop, we’ll start with some great returning shows.

The biggest Netflix Original returning this week is Derry Girls season 3. The period comedy reveals that the titular girls (and guy) are back for their final exams and tests, as if the tension in Northern Ireland is n wasn’t high enough with The Troubles.

For your fair share of horror, join The Midnight Club as Netflix adapts Christopher Pike’s novel YA where seriously ill children bond with horror. Netflix’s adaptation changes history, as they tell each other Pike’s own stories.

The last big release of the week is The Redeem Team, which features LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and more telling the story of the 2008 Olympic team trying to wipe the bad taste of 2004 out of everyone’s mouths. the world. Players are sharing stories of how the late Kobe Bryant didn’t spare things with Lakers teammate Paul Gasol.

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Plus, explore Netflix’s hidden features that will let you access secret categories, games, and more.

In addition to the list of what’s new on Netflix for the week of October 3, we also have a list of what’s leaving Netflix this month.

Coming to Netflix October 3

  • Chip and Potato: Season 4 🇨🇦 (Netflix Family)
    Challenge after challenge, adventure after adventure, laughter after laughter — yip yip! Join Chip, Potato and their pals for another season of learning and growing.
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Coming to Netflix October 4

  • Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester (Netflix Comedy)
    Filmed at the historic Brooklyn Academy of Music, Hasan Minhaj returns to Netflix with his second comedy special Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester. In this hilarious performance, Hasan shares his thoughts on fertility, fatherhood and free speech.

Coming to Netflix October 5

  • Bling Empire: Season 3 (Netflix Series)
    Unfinished business and big opportunities stir up tension in the group, but nothing will stop them from living their flashiest, most fabulous lives.
  • High Waters 🇵🇱 (Netflix Series)
    In 1997, scientists and local government officials in Wrocław face life-and-death decisions when a destructive flood wave threatens the city.
  • Jumping from High Places 🇮🇹 (Netflix Movie)
    To honor her best friend’s dying wish, a young woman with severe anxiety faces her greatest fears in an attempt to get her life back together – and maybe find love.
  • Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone (Netflix Movie)
    A boy and an aging billionaire are bonded over books – and their first iPhones. But when the older man dies, their mysterious connection refuses to die.
  • It’s nailed! : Season 7 (Netflix series)
    The Emmy-nominated series is back with a season full of tricks and treats as we celebrate Halloween. With ghoulish surprises from some favorite Netflix shows – Umbrella Academy, Cobra Kai and The Witcher, the desserts are intentionally spooky this time around!
  • The fight for justice: Paolo Guerrero 🇵🇪 (Netflix series)
    Soccer star Paolo Guerrero is fighting an uphill legal battle after testing positive for cocaine months before the World Cup. Based on a true story.
  • The Trapped 13: How We Survived Thai Cave 🇹🇭 (Netflix Documentary)
    In this gripping documentary, members of Thailand’s youth soccer team recount how they were trapped in Tham Luang cave in 2018 and survived.
  • Togo (Netflix Movie)
    A man who deals with the cars parked in his territory must protect his livelihood when the traffickers try to get him to sell drugs on the street with his buddies.

Coming to Netflix October 6

  • Aftershock: Everest and the Nepal Earthquake 🇬🇧 (Netflix Documentary)
    First-hand accounts from survivors and real-life footage fuel this emotional docuseries about the deadly 2015 earthquake that rocked Nepal.
  • The Joys and Sorrows of Young Yuguo (Netflix Documentary)
    In this moving documentary, teenager Yuguo embarks on the adventure of his life as he leaves China to pursue his passion for Romanian literature and culture.

Coming to Netflix October 7

  • Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes (Netflix Documentary)
    This three-part documentary series explores the warped mind of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer through newly unearthed taped interviews with his legal team, revealing how race, sexuality, class and the police enabled him to tackle the marginalized communities in Milwaukee.
  • Derry Girls: Season 3 🇬🇧 (Netflix Series)
    As Northern Ireland takes a big step into the future, so do our daughters – but not without encountering a few messy stumbling blocks along the way.
  • Dollhouse 🇵🇭 (Netflix Movie)
    A troubled singer in a rock band sets out to rekindle the relationship he never had with his long-lost daughter.
  • Glitch 🇰🇷 (Netflix series)
    A young woman teams up with a UFO enthusiast to investigate the sudden disappearance of her boyfriend and falls into a wild plot.
  • Kev Adams: The Real Me 🇫🇷 (Netflix Comedy)
    At 30, French comedian Kev Adams reflects on how life has changed since his big break 12 years ago – and not always for the better.
  • The Luckiest Girl Alive (Netflix Movie)
    A writer’s perfectly crafted life in New York begins to crumble when a true-crime documentary forces him to confront his harrowing high school story.
  • Man on break 🇹🇷 (Netflix series)
    At the onset of andropause, a middle-aged father becomes obsessed with change and decides to pursue happiness. Then he completely ruins it.
  • The Midnight Club (Netflix series)
    At a hospice for terminally ill teenagers, members of an exclusive club make a chilling pact: the first to die must send a sign from beyond the grave.
  • The Mole (Netflix Series)
    THE MOLE is a series of high-stakes competitions and in this revamped version, twelve players work together in challenges to add money to a pot that only one of them will win in the end. Among the players is a person who has been secretly referred to as “the mole” and tasked with sabotaging the group’s money-making efforts.
  • Oddballs (Netflix Family)
    Bubble boy James challenges everything that annoys him. The result? A great life of weird adventures with his two best friends.
  • Old People 🇩🇪 (Netflix Movie)
    A woman who has returned home with her two children to attend her sister’s wedding suddenly has to defend their lives against elderly people during a killing spree.
  • The Redeem Team (Netflix Documentary)
    Using unprecedented Olympic footage and behind-the-scenes footage, The Redeem Team tells the story of the United States Men’s Olympic Basketball Team’s quest for gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics after the previous team’s shocking performance four years earlier in Athens.
  • TIGER AND RABBIT 2 Part 2 (Netflix Anime)
    The ice cream-wielding superheroine Blue Rose decides to leave the world of “Hero TV” to return to her old life as a teenage girl named Karina who loves to sing.

Coming to Netflix October 9

What’s Leaving Netflix This Week

Leaving on 07/10/22
Sofia the First: Seasons 1-4

Leaving on 08/10/22

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