Not just Tinder Scammer. 10 Netflix Movies and TV Shows You Can’t Stop Watching

Gone are the days when only connoisseurs and moviegoers sought to watch documentaries. Now ordinary viewers pay attention to these tapes. The recent success of The Tinder Scam is proof of this.

StarHit decided to collect the best Netflix documentaries. All of these images deserve attention and viewing, often revealing facts previously unknown to viewers.

“Tinder scammer”

Well, let’s start, of course, with the most talked about documentary of recent months. The protagonist of this story is the scammer Simon Leviev, who deceived his victims about 10 million dollars. Simon acted according to the same pattern: he met women from Europe, rubbing their trust. Later, Leviev reported that he was in a difficult life situation. Confidence women transferred money to the boyfriend from the Internet, after which he stopped contacting them.

A Netflix documentary seems to have never been so popular. Simon Leviev’s story shocked the audience so much that the tape began to be discussed everywhere. By the way, the criminal himself also decided to take advantage of the hype: he began to deny his guilt, promising to tell his own version of events. One way or another, it will now be difficult for Leviev to turn cheats, because millions of people know his name.


There are some very difficult documentaries to watch online. “Thirteenth” belongs precisely to this category. Director Ava DuVernay examines events in United States history through the lens of racial discrimination. It examines how attitudes towards African Americans have changed from law enforcement officials and brings viewers to a disappointing conclusion: discrimination in American prisons still exists.

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The film will be of particular interest to viewers who are interested in American history. In addition, the tape helps to better understand the events currently unfolding in the United States.

“Not the Cats! The Hunt for the Internet Killer”

This is a Netflix documentary series with an absolutely amazing storyline! Events begin to unfold in 2010, when a mysterious flayer brutally kills two kittens, filming the whole thing on camera. After the video hits the web, a group of concerned activists set out to uncover the villain. Their investigation lasted several years, and during this time the criminal managed to kill one person.

Upon the release of the series, Netflix even began to be accused of juggling facts. It just seemed unreal! But the events really happened, and because of this, watching the project is sometimes very difficult.

“Last Dance”

Netflix’s highest rated documentary to date. The miniseries follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. In the 90s, the athlete had no equal in basketball, and his name was known all over the world. What’s behind Jordan’s incredible career rise? What trials did he have to go through? These are the questions the series answers.

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For anyone missing the 90s era, this series is strictly a must-watch. The creators managed to tell the story of Jordan, while capturing the mood of the times. Nostalgia is therefore guaranteed.

“Create a Killer”

Stephen Avery is a man whose name almost every American knows. The thing is, he was wrongly convicted of rape. Only 18 years after the DNA test, Stephen’s innocence has been proven. Once free, he decided to file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Monitowoc County officials. After that, Avery was arrested multiple times on a very bizarre charge.

The hype after the release of this project reached such heights that tens of thousands of people signed a petition for Avery’s release, sent to US President Barack Obama. But even an appeal to the head of the country did not help to achieve a positive result. Now Avery’s lawyers continue to fight for justice.

“My Octopus Teacher”

An absolutely unique documentary that received a well-deserved Oscar in 2021. The film tells the story of diver Craig Foster, who one day decides to explore a kelp forest on the outskirts of South Africa. In the process, he discovers the lair of a young octopus. Repeatedly visiting this place, Foster gains the trust of a sea dweller. Gradually, the man draws attention to the fact that watching the octopus changes his life.

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This Netflix documentary shows the relationship between man and nature in an example. Amazing underwater shooting will certainly not leave viewers indifferent. Think about it: the creative team spent 10 years creating a film about the friendship of a man and an octopus, which turned out to be not boring, but damn exciting.

“The Five Came Home”

The plot centers on five male directors – John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra and George Stevens. All had to fight in World War II. Back from the front, they continued to work in Hollywood, making films that would later be recognized as masterpieces. In the work of all five, an important place has always been given to ideas of pacifism.

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Many modern filmmakers appear in the film, including Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, and others. All of them analyze the contribution of the great masters to the art and try to understand what kind of emotional trauma the directors suffered at the front.


Katherine Chesnick case still unsolved

Katherine Chesnick case still unsolved

The documentary series is based on a completely chilling story that took place in 1969. Then, in a Catholic school in Baltimore, a nun disappeared under strange circumstances. His body was discovered a few days later and the killer was never found. The nun’s adult students attempted to prove that the woman’s disappearance was linked to cases of child sexual abuse at a religious institution.

The film raises the subject of child abuse, painful for any society. Katherine Chesnick’s murder case remains unsolved, although enough evidence has been found at the crime scene. In the Netflix project itself, different versions of what happened are considered.

“Night Stalker: The Hunt for the Serial Killer”

The absolutely terrible story of the capture of Richard Ramirez, a crazed maniac-satanist who kept the entire west coast of the United States at bay. Ramirez entered the houses of his victims at night, after which he cruelly mocked the unfortunate. There was no logic in the actions of the criminal, because he chose people of different genders and ages, which greatly complicated his search.

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Netflix knows how to create quality documentaries about maniacs. The writers carefully craft the outline of the plot so as not to miss any detail. Full immersion in the horror atmosphere is therefore guaranteed.

“Our planet”

But let’s end with something good. This documentary project will appeal to viewers of all ages. It tells in detail about all the diversity of flora and fauna of planet Earth. Each series is devoted to a separate topic – forest, glaciers, jungle. Together with the creators of the series, viewers embark on an exciting journey through remote and picturesque corners.

If you love animal documentaries, then this series is a must. In 2019, it garnered so many positive reviews from viewers and critics that even for the creators themselves, such a warm reaction came as a surprise.

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