Ponniyin Selvan’s Music Album Out Now Showing AR Rahman’s Musical Magic

The next creation of Mani Ratnam’s masterpiece, ‘Ponnyyin Selvan‘ is about to be released on September 30th and everyone is looking forward to it. The entire star cast has been revealed through the film’s stunning trailer.

What’s even more exciting is that the film’s music album has already been released. The trailer and audio launch program took place at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai and every star was on hand to enjoy it. Starting with Kamal Haasan at Rajinikantheveryone praised the composer AR Rahman made the whole soundtrack with his magical skills.

Besides the main guests, film stars like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Chiyaan Vikramand director Mani Ratnam were also part of the event. The event started with her songs performed on stage.

Kamal Haasan because the main guest of the event was very moved by Rahman’s creations. He said, “Every song of ARR by Ponniyin Selvan raised my heart rate. Single music. The public has already decided that the music is a success.

Director Shankar also took the opportunity to praise the composer and he said, “What vibrant music, Rahman! He took us into the world of Ponniyin Selvan with his songs. He added, “These Mani and ARR songs are my inspiration. I’m waiting to see the movie. Ponni Nadhi’s song is so haunting. It even makes us unconsciously sing along.

The director also enjoyed Mani Ratnam and expressed his gratitude for the artwork. He said: “Pan-India is a term that has become common. Mani Ratnam is the first pan-Indian director. His films have reached all over India due to his style, work ethic and hard work. This is the patch he laid for us. He directed Geethanjali in Telugu and the staging is larger than life. And then comes Thalapathy. “

He also added: “A brilliant cast and technical team. This piques everyone’s curiosity. With everyone’s effort, I believe that Ponniyin Selvan will be a milestone in the history of Tamil cinema.

Ponnyyin Selvan‘ is based on an old period from a popular Tamil literary homonymous novel. The novel is written by Kalki Krishnamurthy and it is published in two parts. The first part will be released on September 30; however, the official confirmation of the second part is yet to come.

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Alfonso E. Cramer