Streaming and Screening: Legendary songwriter Diane Warren, plus new movies and TV shows to watch!

broadcast and projected is a movies and TV podcast hosted by Bruce Milleran entertainment journalist for several decades who is now the editor of the Sioux City Journal, Jared McNettreporter for the Sioux City Journal, and Chris Laythe podcast operations manager for Lee Enterprises.

This week, Bruce Miller has a great conversation with a legendary honest-to-God songwriter. Diane Warren who, during her career, has been nominated for twelve Oscars but has yet to land a statue.

Oscar nominations will be announced this weekend and his song “Somehow You Do” (Youtube) from the movie four good days (Hulu) could make it a dozen bakers and maybe finally put it over the line with a win!

We’re also rounding up some of the brand new movies and TV shows worth checking out:

Fooled forever (In theaters February 4)

“It’s at Three Stooges level in terms of physical comedy. They sell it perfectly. The way they’ve got the stunts set up perfectly to maximize the laughs. They’re geniuses in that regard. And it’s also fun to pass time with these guys.- Jared

Pam and Tommy (HuluFebruary 2)

“Lily James plays Pam Anderson and she is amazing! Incredible! She is exactly like Pam Anderson. I interviewed Pam and I know how she is and I know the kind of shy things she does and this woman captures every moment of it… I think they capture their personalities perfectly. –Bruce

moon fall (In theaters February 4)

“I might just go watch people fight the moon this weekend. I completely agree. It looks incredibly silly and it suits me perfectly. – Jared

alley of nightmares (HBO Max and HULUFebruary 1st)

“Bradley Cooper, especially the last part, does some of my favorite work that I’ve seen him do. His last little twist is fantastic. – Jared

Murderville (netflixFebruary 3)

“Looks like it could be really interesting, or…not it?” …I’m really interested to see what the execution will look like! –Chris

red rocket (Screening room A24February 5)

“I think there are going to be some surprises, like Nicolas Cage named best actor for Pork. And Simon Rex is another who might slip into this category. As much as people think Denzel Washington is a lock for Macbeth’s Tragedy, I think he might get bounced by one of these two. –Bruce

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Alfonso E. Cramer