The best new movies and shows on Netflix today: August 11, 2022

This week marks a fruitful week for Netflix
, as many new movies and TV shows will be added to the streaming service’s digital library every day. And today is no exception, as three new options are available to subscribers.

Let’s go through each of the new movies and shows available. Besides that, at the bottom of the article, you can find a full list of every new show coming to Netflix this week.

If you want recommendations on the best movies and shows to watch on all major streaming platforms this week, check out my list here.


High schooler Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his friends Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) bond over ’90s hip-hop culture, school and music in their own punk band. A chance encounter with a drug dealer named Dom brings Malcolm and company to the dealer’s nightclub birthday party; when the scene turns violent, they flee – with the ecstasy that Dom has secretly hidden in Malcolm’s backpack. A wild adventure ensues as the youngsters try to escape the armed thugs who want the hideout.

Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story

Competitive skateboarder Leo Baker is facing a turning point in his life as the 2020 Olympics approach.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Season 3

The famous Dragon Knight Davion is involved in far bigger events than he could ever have imagined.

Every new movie and show on Netflix this week

  • Riverdale: Season 6 (August 7)
  • Code name: Emperor (August 8)
  • Team Zenko Go: Season 2 (August 8)
  • I just killed my father (August 9)
  • The Nice Guys (August 9)
  • Bank Robbers: The Last Big Heist (August 10)
  • Heartsong (August 10)
  • Indian Matchmaking: Season 2 (August 10)
  • Instant Dream House (August 10)
  • Iron Chef Brazil (August 10)
  • Locke & Key: Season 3 (August 10)
  • School Tales The Series (August 10)
  • Dope (August 11)
  • DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Volume 3 (August 11)
  • Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story (August 11)
  • 13: The Musical (August 12)
  • A Model Family (August 12)
  • Day shift (August 12)
  • Never Have I Ever: Season 3 (August 12)

Alfonso E. Cramer