The best new movies and shows on Netflix today: November 18, 2022

This week is busy for Netflix
, as several new movies and TV shows will be added to the streaming service’s digital library every day. And today is no exception, as 11 new options are available to subscribers.

So let’s take a look at the best of what’s been added to Netflix today. Besides that, at the bottom of the article, you can find a full list of all the new shows that arrived on Netflix in the last week.

If you want recommendations for the best new movies and shows on all the other major streaming outlets last weekend, check out my list here.


A young girl discovers a secret map to the dream world of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw, she journeys through dreams and flees nightmares, hoping to be able to see her late father again.

The Cuphead Show! : Season 3

Follow the misadventures of lovable Cuphead and his cautious but easily influenced brother Mugman as they roam the Inkwell Isles in search of fun and adventure.

Elite: Season 6

When three working-class teenagers enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and wealthy students leads to murder.

The Good Detective: Season 2

When doubts arise about a murder conviction at the age of 5, a veteran detective and a young tenor team up to uncover the hidden truths of the case.

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 5

Familiar faces return to the tent to make delicious ground meat from the competition and be crowned star baker by hosts Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

The storyteller

A talented but shy storyteller faces betrayal after his best friend steals his stories in order to impress the woman they both love.

Inner Work: Part 2

Rand conquered the world. Reagan is rightly pissed off. And Gigi is all over our grill about this new guy named Ron Stadler. Like come on, give a girl a break.


A friendship is put in jeopardy when a mutual agreement turns south

Supreme Reign: Season 1

From projects to the biggest venues in Paris, this series follows two lifelong teenage friends as they forge the birth and rise of French hip-hop.

Someone: Season 1

When a software developer creates a dating app that a serial killer uses to find his next targets, she’s drawn into a dark world of romance and murder.

action against violence

She’s just a regular, adorable student by day. But by night, she’s a part-time assassin – and she’s about to face her toughest target yet.

Every new movie and show added to Netflix in the past week

  • Where the Crawdads Sing (November 12)
  • Stutz (November 14)
  • Teletubbies: Season 1 (November 14)
  • Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy (November 15)
  • Johanna Nordström: Call the police (November 15)
  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (November 15)
  • RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned (November 15)
  • Run for the Money: Season 1 (November 15)
  • In His Hands (November 16)
  • The Lost Lotteries (November 16)
  • The Adult Lie: Season 1 (November 16)
  • Mind Your Manners: Season 1 (November 16)
  • Off Track (November 16)
  • Long live Mexico! (16 November)
  • Racionais MC’s: From the Streets of São Paulo (November 16)
  • The Wonder (November 16)
  • 1899: Season 1 (November 17)
  • Bantu Mama (November 17)
  • Christmas with you (November 17)
  • Dead to Me: Season 3 (November 17)
  • I am Vanessa Guillen (November 17)
  • Pepsi, where’s my jet? : limited series (November 17)
  • The Cuphead Show! : Season 3 (November 18)
  • Elite: Season 6 (November 18)
  • The Good Detective: Season 2 (November 18)
  • The Great British Baking Show: Holidays: Season 5 (November 18)
  • The Griot (November 18)
  • Inside Job: Part 2 (November 18)
  • Nafsi (November 18)
  • Reign Supreme: Season 1 (November 18)
  • Slumberland (November 18)
  • Someone: Season 1 (November 18)
  • Action Against Violence (November 18)

Alfonso E. Cramer