The freshest movies of March 2022 to watch

Netflix has all the luck you need in March. This month, Netflix welcomes a whole range of new titles to warm your heart, make you laugh or give you goosebumps – you name it! Whether you’re looking for a nighttime movie, a weird thriller, or something for the whole family, Netflix has you covered. Keep reading for the streamer’s best new movies coming in March.

The streamer is kicking things off by adding some classic titles to make sure this month starts off in the best possible way. First of all we liked the family movie Shrekwhich celebrated its 20th anniversary last year on March 1. Also on the first of the month, Netflix will release two politically charged thrillers in V for Vendetta and sorry to disturb you, which are also packed with twists that will leave your jaw dropping. And it’s only the first of the month!

In the middle of the month, Netflix launches a few originals to bolster its already stacked catalog of hits. The weekenda steamy holiday mystery with Gossip Girl alum Leighton Meester will be released on March 4 – XOXO! After that, the streamer will release another heavy hitter from Ryan Reynolds in Adam Project, which focuses on a time travel plot. These are exactly the types of movies that end up landing in Netflix’s Top 10.

To end the month, Netflix releases an adorable film about dogs with Grant Gustin’s film Saved by Rubywhich will be released on the streamer on March 17. And right after that we’ll have another travel thriller starring Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons in Bargain. Want to know what other eye-catching movies are hitting Netflix next month? Keep scrolling for our full list of movies to watch on Netflix in March.


Released March 1

Photo: ©DreamWorks/courtesy Everett Collection

Love it or hate it, Shrek is now on Netflix. In our opinion, it’s an amazing addition to the streamer’s library – but we understand that people are against the film. To each his own! The 2001 classic follows a grumpy ogre and a hilarious donkey as they go on a mission to rescue Fiona, the sleeping princess trapped in a tower with a dragon. To be served with: onions, waffles, cake, etc.

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Released March 1

sorry to disturb you
Photo: Everett Collection

We won’t spoil the major twist in sorry to disturb you, but we’ll tell you there is one, and it’s absolutely BONKERS. The film Boots Riley follows LaKeith Stanfield as a telemarketer with a killer “white voice” who sells products of questionable ethics. After rising to the top of the phone call sales totem pole, he begins making deals with shady people, upsetting his friends and sweet girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson).

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Released March 1

V FOR VENDETTA, Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, 2006, (c) Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection
©Warner Bros/courtesy Everett Collection

One of Natalie Portman’s first roles, V for Vendetta follows the A-List actress as she befriends a villainous mastermind “V.” Donning a Guy Fawkes mask, the vigilante teaches her character about England’s various political cruelties. The movie is based on a DC comic and certainly feels like it could belong to something like The black Knight universe. As The Batman released in theaters this month, why not set the tone with this film?

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Released March 2

Against the ice
Photo: Lilja Jonsdottir/Netflix

Take a trip to Greenland with Against the ice, which will debut on Netflix this month. The film, based on the true story of the 1909 expedition to Denmark, follows a story of survival. Two men explore the vast landscape of Greenland, searching for a lost map, struggling to stay alive. It’s the perfect movie to get you excited for the warmer days, that’s for sure!

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Released March 3

The weekend
Photo: Ivan Sardi/Netflix

Gossip GirlThe best fashionista from will wear her sparkly headbands and sassy attitude abroad in this upcoming psychological thriller. Don’t let the gorgeous ocean views and lovely ladies in the photo above fool you: this is not a carefree movie, far from it. When her best friend goes missing on a girl’s trip to Croatia, Beth tries to track her down – only to find deception after deception leading her down wrong paths.

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Released March 11

The Adam Project
Photo: Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2022

After his great success red noticeRyan Reynolds returns to Netflix with another mind-blowing film titled The Adam Project. Although it stars Jennifer Garner and has a title that sounds like a romantic comedy, don’t be confused by this one: The Adam Project is a time travel sci-fi drama. The film features a time-traveling pilot who accidentally crashes in 2022, forced to team up with himself as a 12-year-old in an effort to save the future from disaster.

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Released March 12

Photo: Everett Collection

Watch Christopher Nolan’s great war movie when it hits Netflix in March, a harrowing but brilliant look at the events that unfolded in May 1940. Set completely out of order, you’ll have a fascinating time trying to piece together this, exactly, happens at some point in the film. We recommend pairing it with another WWII movie darkest hourwhich returns in parallel to the administration of Winston Churchill.

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Released March 15

Marilyn's eyes
Picture: Netflix

Do you like food? Romance movies? love movies on food? Marilyn’s eyes is for you. This quirky Italian comedy promises to bring you all the luck you need just before St. Patrick’s Day, which will follow a creative duo working together in a mental hospital. In order to bridge the gap between them, they will have to use food. Why? They plan to bring a fictional restaurant to life, and the only recipe they need is healing.

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Released March 17

Saved by Ruby
Photo: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Saved by Ruby has exactly what we needed: an adorable puppy and an even more adorable story to go along with it. Grant Gustin’s (known for the flash) The new film follows a state trooper who dreams of joining an elite K-9 unit. To do this, he teams up with another outsider named Ruby, a nice dog who seems unsuited for the role. Together, the bad dog and the unlikely hero form a bond that will hopefully stand the test of time.

Flux Saved by Ruby on Netflix


Released March 18

Photo: Johan Bergmark

This apocalyptic Swedish film will keep you up all night, scared of the future. Set in a dystopian future, black crab follows a young mother who embarks on a mission to both save her daughter and end the war. Similar to movies like Train to Busan, black crab promises both thrills and heartbreaking family moments. Although she is reluctant, the young soldier fights to cross the frozen sea, taking with her a super important message.

Flux black crab on Netflix


Released March 18

Picture: Netflix

Three beloved actors star in Bargain, which still seems so provocative. Jason Segel leads the film as a nomad in search of funds when he stumbles upon the empty mansion of a wealthy tycoon (Jesse Plemons). He crashes until the rich reappears with his wife (Lily Collins) – then he attacks. The troubled man begs the tycoon for help, urging him to share the wealth in multiple ways, and things get a little weird.

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