‘The Northman,’ ‘Firestarter,’ ‘Fatherhood,’ + More

There are plenty of big names scouring new movies on VOD this week. Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman and many more big names star in The man from the northa gritty and violent tale of Viking revenge that is reminiscent of Hamlet (which was based on the same Norse myth as The man from the north is based on) or even The Lion King: A boy watches his father being murdered by his uncle and sets out to fix things. It’s just a lot bloodier than those two. Also out this week is Fire starter starring Zac Efron, an updated version of Stephen King’s story about a young girl who tries to set everything on fire. The film is now on VOD after a theatrical release and a stint on Peacock.

And Kevin Hart’s emotional turn Paternity, which originally aired on Netflix, is now also widely available this week. In the film, Hart takes a dramatic turn playing a widowed father who must deal with the grief he feels after losing his wife shortly after giving birth, while trying to raise his baby girl. Based on Matt Logelin’s non-fiction story of single fatherhood, Two Kisses for Maddie: Memoir of Love and LossHart, like many comedians before him, has proven he has what it takes to make a movie that isn’t all jokes and slapstick humor.

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Director Robert Eggers definitely has a way of creating emotion and atmosphere in his films, and the tone he creates is something you either love or hate. (If you google the name of his latest film, the black and white drama Lighthousethe very first suggested topic that pops up is “What’s the point of the movie Lighthouse? “) The man from the north is by far the greatest film he’s made, and the Viking tale of revenge features its most star-studded cast yet, including Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Ethan Hawke and Alexander Skarsgård. The story of the Viking prince who spends his life avenging his father’s murder is based on a Norse folk tale and the story itself is no different from what you would see on Netflix. vikings series, also rooted in Norse mythology, but with the distinct Eggers style the director has become known for.

Where to stream The man from the north

We’ve gotten to the point in Zac Efron’s career where he plays dads, do you feel old yet? In Fire starter, Efron plays Andy McGee, the father of Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), a girl with pyrokinetic powers, meaning she can set things on fire with her brain. (The fact that I rented the 1984 movie, which starred Drew Barrymore in the lead role, from the video store SO many times when I was a kid, also makes me feel old.) Unable to control his powers, which were the by-product of an experiment gone wrong, Charlie begins to set the fire, leading her and her family to be chased by a team that wants to… put it out.

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