The Umbrella Men now on eVOD

JOHANNESBURG – The Umbrella Men is set in colorful and culturally rich Bo-Kaap (Cape Town), and beautifully captures the nuances of the community with humor, drama and of course a bit of romance.

Starring Jacques De Silva, Shamilla Miller, Rob van Vuuren, Bronte Snell (Atlantis), Keenan Arrison (also Atlantis) and Joey Rasdien, The Umbrella Men, is a good film about a group of musicians who are forced to rob a bank during the city ​​minstrel carnival in an effort to save their nightclub.

When musician Jerome Adams flies to Cape Town for his father’s funeral, he finds that his father has left him his beloved Goema Club as well as the care of the minstrel troupe The Umbrella Men.

Unfortunately, the club comes with a huge overdraft, due in two weeks for reimbursement to the bank or risk repossession, under a shady deal engineered by long-time family rival Tariq Cupido.

Jerome decides to rob the bank during the annual carnival parade when thousands of troops take to the streets. Tariq’s troupe, The Maulers, will compete against Jerome’s Umbrella Men.

Will the “prodigal son” pull off the heist of the year and save the family business? The Umbrella Men is now streaming exclusively on eVOD (

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Alfonso E. Cramer