Top new movies to watch this week on streaming and in theaters: Pinocchio, See How They Run and MORE

James King

Not sure what movies to watch this week? We have the answers! As the nights roll in and the kids head back to school, our filmmaker James King is back with his essential recommendations for young and old.

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See how they work (cinemas)

Category: Comedy

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Feel like laughing ? See How They Run is the funniest movie of the year. An all-star cast (Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Ruth Wilson, Adrien Brody and David Oyelowo) is clearly having the time of their lives in this cheeky thriller set around a murder in a London theater in the 1950s. piece that was on stage at the time? Agatha Christie’s legendary The Mousetrap, setting up a plot filled with charming characters (Ronan’s rookie police officer is a delight) and witty jokes. An ideal tonic for the time.

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Corps Corps Corps (cinemas)

Category: Thriller

If you like thrillers that are more hipster than hilarious, then check out this pleasantly twisted thriller starring Amandla Stenberg (The Hate U Give, The Hunger Games), Maria Bakalova (so good in Borat’s latest film ) and a certain Pete Davison. They play the role of a slightly obnoxious group of twenty-somethings who throw a party in a big old house and play a game of murder mystery – a game that suddenly becomes disturbingly real. It’s topical and buzzing, almost like a science experiment: what happens when you lock a group of enemies in a house and turn off the electricity? The answers, unsurprisingly, aren’t pretty.

Pinocchio (Disney+)

Category: Family

Following in the footsteps of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, here’s another old-school Disney classic that’s been given a live-action remake. The results are also flawless, with Tom Hanks playing aging Italian woodcarver Geppetto, a man who misses his deceased son so much that he creates his own version of the toy, “wishing on a star” for it to come to life. Blending the latest cinematic technology with traditional fairy tale flair, this latest version of Pinocchio may be too considered for some modern kids brought up on Pokémon (it certainly starts out pretty slow), but there’s still plenty of warm appeal. Cynthia Erivo and Luke Evans co-star.

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Gucci House (Amazon Prime)

Category: Drama

Telling the true story of the famous Italian fashion family, focusing specifically on the arrival of a certain Patrizia Reggiani in the 1970s – a party girl who married into the dynasty – House of Gucci is a game of life real deliciously crazy. Patrizia is played to perfection by Lady Gaga, a natural in the role of a celebrity-hungry diva but who also gives a human side to what the press will later nickname “The Black Widow”. Meanwhile, Jared Leto, unrecognizable as cousin Paolo Gucci, manages to be hilariously menacing and ridiculously campy often within the span of a single line of dialogue. Family allegiances are turned, fortunes are lost and romance sours, Patrizia even hires a hitman to exact revenge on her cheating husband Maurizio (Adam Driver). It’s all the makings of a soap opera… except it actually happened.

Everything, everywhere, all at once (Amazon Prime)

Category: Science fiction

A cult hit in theaters earlier this year, this wickedly weird tale of an unlikely savior of the human race pushes the idea of ​​a “multiverse” away from big-budget superhero movies like Dr Strange and Spider-Man and puts it in the hands of a middle-aged woman who runs a laundromat. The results are spectacular! Michelle Yeoh stars as Evelyn, an everyday Chinese-American laundry owner who discovers she has alternate reality versions of herself. As if that weren’t enough, she must connect them all together in order to stop the destruction of the universe. Mixing kung fu with comedy, family drama with philosophy, it’s the best twisted sci-fi show since The Matrix.

The 355 (Sky Cinema)

Category: Action

Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger star in this action flick about a top-secret group of international spies who must work together to save the world. Sound familiar? Well, The 355 is certainly open to wanting to be another James Bond or Mission: Impossible franchise. What makes it different are its all-female protagonists (with three Oscar winners, no less), all seriously charismatic even when the quality of the story doesn’t do them justice.

Principle (Amazon Prime)

Category: Science fiction

From the sparkling mind of filmmaker Christopher Nolan – the mastermind behind such classy blockbusters as Dunkirk, Inception and the Batman trilogy – comes this elegant puzzler which stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh.

Mixing sci-fi with a spy story, Tenet will almost certainly give you a headache if you try to fully understand it (think time travel and the laws of physics). But with so many awesome sets and spectacular moments, it’s possible to just enjoy the visuals even if you can’t fully grasp the concept.

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