Vizio TVs now show banner ads on live TV

Vizio is beta testing new “jump ads” that appear over the end credits of live TV programs. Aiming to bridge the gap between live TV and streaming on demand (SOV), ads could finally solve the age-old question, “what should I watch next?”

The new ad may seem intrusive, and that’s certainly what The editors think; but they might actually solve an important problem.

When you watch a new show on live TV, you may not know which service(s) are broadcasting that same show. Of course, the next step is to search in the browser, but you may not get a clear answer.

Vizio’s new jump ads aim to remove this research step. AdWeek indicates that the new type of ads will connect viewers to the same show, only on the relevant streaming app compatible with the Vizio TV.

You can see it in action in the screenshot below, which features FOX’s new docu-comedy, Welcome to Flatch.

Image: Vizio

FOX began airing the first seven episodes, at the same time the first episode aired last Thursday. The jump ad at the end of the premiere let viewers know they could keep watching if they switched to the FOX Now app.

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Vizio might actually be on the right track, for once. Other device makers, like Roku, use their ad overlays to show, well, real ads.

These new jump ads feel closer to the relevant pages of the TV guide, informing the viewer about other ways to watch. They are the brainchild of Vizio’s in-house subsidiary, Inscape, which also handles user data trading.

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